Concert: Rear Ear #2

October 14th, 2018 8:00 pm 

REAR EAR is a new event designed by the young squad of STEIM; interns and master students from the Institute of Sonology.
They are setting up an evening full of different types of performances, from live electronics using self-built instruments to free improvisation and immersive visual listening experiences.
It will be a night full of surprising and exotic visions and sonorities by a new generation of artist and performers from all over the world.

DATE: Sunday 14 October, 2018
TIME: 20:00 hrs.
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam


* – Alex Brajkovic
* – Miloš Cathals
* – Electronic Bamboo Ensemble
* – Tony Guarino & Toby Kruit
* – Keerthi Basavarajaiah & Verena Barie


Miloš Cathals
is an improvisational quartet dedicated to the concepts of feedback, synergy and self- organisation. It consists of four interconnected systems, each bringing a different scope of live electronics to the table; bio-sensors, modular synthesisers and generative stochastic algorithms are being integrated into a larger system. Every agent’s choices lead to changes that shift and shake the behaviour of the system, challenging the others to alter or adapt to the conditions.

Miloš website

Alex Brajkovic
drummer, percussionist, composer, programmer. MA at Conservatorium Van Amsterdam – Live Electronics. BA at Conservatorio Di Vicenza – jazz drums. Specialised in Karnatic rhythms. Performing solo enhancing drums and percussion with electronic creations.

Alex’s website
Alex on FB

Electronic Bamboo Ensemble
is the birthchild of Sander Notenbaert (BE) and Boy van Ooijen (NL), both master students Live Electronics at the Amsterdam Conservatory. Once pop-musicians, now gone rogue like broken electronic robots, they explore the stretches of the space-time field, to discover what happens if two different minds intertwin and are unbreakably linked in eachother’s control. Drums will take over timing, synths will control only sound and harmony.
The results are sometimes harmonious, sometimes disruptive, beautiful or a chaotic mess.

Tony Guarino & Toby Kruit
new master Instruments & Interfaces students Sonology/STEIM

A collaborative work by performer/maker KeeRthi Basavarajaiah (IN/NL) & musician and master student Live Electronics artist/performer Verena Barie (DE/NL).
A hyper-musical instrument at performance. It is a hybrid between a scenographic object and performance where the performers create a sonic tapestry. This is an attempt to revisit the presence and effects of sound as an experience through the body. Creating curiosity through the inter-relative and interactive composition between bodies, space, speakers, objects, and materials. Unfolding of visual sounds in its forms of construction and abstraction for a sensorily stimulating event.


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