IMPRO//ELECTRO feat. Chikashi Miyama, bicycle day, Martin Howse

December 7th, 2012 7:30 pm 
STEIM Studio 3 STEIM Studio 3

Chikashi Miyama (JP)
bicycle day (TR)
Martin Howse (UK)

Join us Friday 7 December for an exciting concert of new improvised electronic music. Featuring three performances by artists running the gamut of electronic improvised practice.

Japanese instrument designer and composer Chikashi Miyama will present works combining electronic composition, abstract video, and performance on his self-made instruments the Peacock and Qgo. Chikashi is well-known throughout the new instruments scene for his ecstatic live performances.

During his concert at STEIM Chikashi will present five pieces:

Black Vox for Peacock (2009)
Piano Chimera for Video (2007)
Liquid Flame for Peacock and Live Video (2010)
Radioscape for Fixed-Media (2011)
Treble Motion for Qgo and Live Video (2012)

We’re also very happy to welcome London/Berlin-based artist Martin Howse to perform at STEIM for the first time. His performances take a highly personal, poetic approach to noise through a bricolage of self-made devices and scientific mechanisms, chemical reactions, and electromagnetic phantoms.

Finally, trio-turned-duo electronic improvisation outfit bicycle day will be joining us from Istanbul for an unpredictable set mixing up ambient soundscapes, art rock, and free improvisation.

It’s going to be a blast. Don’t miss it!


Date: Friday 7 December, 2012
Time: doors open 19:30, performances begin at 20:00
Cost: €5
Location: STEIM Studio 3, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam


Chikashi Miyama is a composer, video artist, interface designer, performer and author. He received a MA from Kunitachi College of Music, Tokyo, Japan, a Nachdiplom from Music academy of Basel, Switzerland, and a Ph.D from University at Buffalo, New York, USA. In 2011, he received a research grant from DAAD and worked as a visiting researcher at ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany. His compositions have received an ICMA student award, a Chancellor’s award from State University of New York, a second prize in SEAMUS commission competition, a special prize in Destellos Competition, and a honorable mention in the Residence Prize section of the Bourges Electroacoustic Music Competition. His works and papers have been accepted by ICMC twelve times, by NIME four times, and selected by various international festivals in more than 18 countries. He is currently teaching computer music as a lecturer at the college of music and dance in Cologne, Germany. His book about Pure-Data, an audio software programming environment developed by M.Puckette, will be published in January 2013.

Chikashi Miyama Portrait

Martin Howse operates within the fields of discourse, speculative hardware (environmental data in open physical systems), code (an examination of layers of abstraction), free software and the situational (performances and interventions). Heavily improvised, playing with the collapse of massed, barely functional salvaged equipment and software systems made manifest in sound/noise and image, Howse presents a complex, process-driven constructivist performance; the symphonic rise of the attempt to piece together fugal systematics is played out against the noise of collapse and machine crash at the deserted border of control.

Martin Howse portrait

bicycle day is a three piece orchestra making quiet or big sound, from Istanbul. They are formed in 2008, known for making only improvised music and for their DIY guerilla albums. This performance which they will experiment as an electronic duo also has the distinction of being the orchestra’s first performance in Europe. Everything played and recorded just once. This bike ride could be an auditory escapade for who are interested in flexible structures and the aesthetics of failure.

Onur Karagöz; Vocals, laptop, synthesizers
Alican Okan; Laptop, synthesizers

bicycle day portrait