Build your own Light-Theremin

June 25th, 2015 7:30 pm 
Steim, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL, Amsterdam Steim, Achtergracht 19, 1017WL, Amsterdam

With Moldover


In this basic soldering workshop, Moldover will take you through the steps to build your own Light-Theremin CD case. Even if you’ve never soldered before, this workshop will give you the confidence in two hours. If you do have experience you’ll learn how to solder better, and walk away with a fun and unique instrument, plus a copy of Moldover’s album.

DATE: 25th of June, 2015
TIME: 19:30
COST: €55 (includes a kit)
LOCATION: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam

– No experience required
– No equipment required: soldering stations & Light Theremin kits provided
– This is an all ages, hands-on workshop

About the instructor

If technology and music are your life, brace yourself- Moldover is about to reformat your soul. Hailed by more than 1,000,000 YouTube viewers as “The Godfather of Controllerism”, Moldover is a new breed of music icon. Combining the charisma of a rock star, the mad genius of a basement inventor, and the radical inclusiveness of the DIY internet generation, Moldover is “literally throwing away the rule book and reinventing the wheel” (Remix Magazine). Witness his balls-to-the-wall live show at a club, experience one of his jambox multiplayer instruments at a festival, or pick up and play the “light theremin” packaging of his debut album and understand why the next paradigm for music is a one-man-brand called Moldover.
Moldover’s success as a producer and performer comes only after years of work founding the principles of controllerism. This new cultural movement, now the most quickly growing force in electronic music, is an ingenious and accessible formula for live sound manipulation: Computer + Controller = The New Instrument. Moldover fuels this new craft by designing completely new kinds of music controllers. His multi-player music jamming station “The Octamasher”, tours to music festivals, college campuses and private parties, putting controllerism into the hands of everyone. His commercially available performance controller, “The Mojo” combines elements of traditional instruments, DJ hardware and video game controllers, offering unparalleled ergonomic tactility to other serious controllerists. Next on the horizon is a new multiplayer instrument\ called “The SyncoMasher” and a Do-It-Yourself version of Moldover’s hacked up performance monster, “The Frankentroller”.