ADE 2018 Concert: East-coast meets West-coast

October 21st, 2018 9:00 pm 

Analog modular synthesizers: ‘East-coast meets West-coast’

After the Analog Modular Synthesizer workshop in the afternoon, Frank Baldé, Sybren Danz, Alex Brajkovic and Zeger de Vos wil go back-to-back in a concert evening called East-coast meets West-coast.

In this jam session analog synthesists Baldé, Danz, Brajkovic and de Vos will be patching waves, drones, rhythms and patterns on stage and create both timbral, melodic and beat sound scapes, all based upon old and new analog (semi) modular synthesizer systems.
Frank Baldé_Sybren Danz_Analog Synthesizer Studio_IMG_1417

Zeger de Vos

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Alex Brajkovic & Frank Baldé

photo: Cindy Voitus

For this evening Alex and Frank have created a live drums / modular synth set, in which the sequencers are controlled by the drummer.

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Sybren Danz

photo: Cindy Voitus


DATE: Sunday 21 October, 2018
TIME: 21:00 hrs. (Door open 20:30 hrs.)
COST: €5, Free for ADE card holders
LOCATION: STEIM (Broedplaats Lely), Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam. Map

Check our contact page how to get there.