The Void* – Function

Have you ever been interested to take a peek into one of STEIM’s Studio’s?     Here is your chance!   The Void* (Roald van Dillewijn, Eric Magnée & Tijs…

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TONE: Possible Scenarios….

STEIM asked NIO architects to sketch a set of future TONE scenarios for Steim in Amsterdam. As we have announced before, STEIM is developing TONE: A platform for Sound Art…

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XTH Sense Kickstarter

The XTH Sense™ — the world’s first biocreative instrument and next evolution in sensory expression — is LIVE on Kickstarter TODAY. The XTH Sense harnesses the power of your body…

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Limited Edition

Over the past two weeks, Kassen has worked with STEIM to make a special acid track for the instrument that we developed with Vanboeijen for disabled people.