Misha Mengelberg No Idea

Chris Wiesendanger, Pianist and Composer from Zurich shares some memories of Misha Mengelberg.

Things are getting organized here….

STEIM is now at location Lely for almost 2 months, and while unpacking and organizing, we already presented 2 workshops, a keynote and regular teaching sessions with the master ‘Live Electronics’ students from…

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Relocating at Lely

As mentioned before, Steim has moved to a new location, 3 minutes walk from trainstation Lelylaan. We had to move 30 years of history to our new location, meaning a…

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R.I.P. synth pioneer Don Buchla

One of the legendary synthesizer pioneers Don Buchla has passed away, age 79. Toghether with Bob Moog he revolutionarized electronic music by creating an incredible array of inspiring new sound…

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New webshop!

For years STEIM has been using Kagi as its webshop handler, but unfortunately they went bankrupt a few weeks ago. In the meantime we have been working on a new…

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