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Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA)
CCRMA music technology labs at Stanford University in California. In the past CCRMA has been home to a number of technological innovations in live electronic music.
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT)
California music technology center led by David Wessel; pioneer and great inspiration to many in the field of live electronic music.
International social networking website dealing with innovation, creative process, and new technologies as they relate to performance, embodiment, and movement. A place for new media artists, theorists, and thinkers to share work and collaborate.
Electronic Music Foundation (EMF)
A wonderful online resource for those interested in music, sound, technology, and science.
Harvestworks NY
new york's supportive tech and art place
IMEB (Bourges)
The IMEB in Bourges is an international center and studio facility for electro-acoustic music. In their long standing series of festivals they also supported many developments in live electronic music and electric music theatre. The IMEB was, sadly, defunded by their government patrons as of July 2011.
Institute of Sonology
Electronic music department of the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. STEIM and Sonology have a long history together. In 2011 we began the Instruments and Interfaces masters study together.
ixi net
a recent and promssing network of people producing electronic music and software
Logos Foundation
The Logos Foundation is Flanders' non-profit organisation promoting new musics and audio related arts by means of new music production, concerts, performances, composition and technological research projects.
Muzieklab Brabant
Center for innovative music in the southern part of the Netherlands
New Instruments for Musical Expression Conference (NIME)
Yearly conference started in 2001 celebrating technological innovations in the development of new electronic instruments.
Norwegian center for technology in music and arts
Organizers of numerous gallery exhibitions of underground hacker/tech art. Responsible each year for the Gogbot festival in Enschede.
Sonic Acts
Festival of new music and sound art in Amsterdam.
Label of Mouse on Mars, Michel Waisvisz and many more...
Yearly new media art and music festival in the Hague who STEIM has partnered with on numerous occasions.
V2 Institute for Unstable Media
Rotterdam media lab with a long history of collaboration with STEIM.