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Center for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts. Laboratory, workshop, international meeting place, artist hotel, production office, live electroacoustic music, DJ's, VJ's, theater and installation makers, video artists and nomad studio. []

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Documents in Dutch:

STEIM Full annual report 2007 > A report of STEIM's activities in 2007

STEIM studio projects 2007 > A list of STEIM's studio projects in 2007

STEIM meetings 2007 > A list of meetings that took place at STEIM in 2007

Advise Raad voor Cultuur > The advise from the Raad voor Cultuur, published on May 15 2008

Advise Amsterdamse Kunstraad > The final advise from the Amsterdamse Kunstraad, published on April 18 2008

STEIM's response > STEIM's response to the pre-advise from the Amsterdamse Kunstraad

Pre-advise Amsterdamse Kunstraad > The pre-advise by the Amsterdamse Kunstraad sent to STEIM op January 9 2008

steim | about | concerts | contact | workshops | project applications| products| links