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14 April 2014 | Workshop

E-TEXTILE WEEK : Noisy Textiles Workshop

This workshop is an introduction to the world of e-textiles and soft-circuits through the use of wearable microcontrollers, digital electronics and soft conductive materials.During the workshop the participants are going to engage in hands-on prototyping and explore the process of crafting electronics on textile while experimenting with 8-bit sound.


3 April - 5 April 2014 | Workshop

MODALITY Workshop & Open Lab

During the workshop participants will learn how to use the toolkit, create their own instruments using the toolkit, and play together to evaluate the instruments. More info: here !!! Please indicate if you want to attend the Workshop, the Open Lab or both !!!

15 March - 16 March 2014 | Workshop

Xth Sense: Make your own biophysical sensor for interactive music and video

Workshop with Marco Donnarumma. Fore more information follow this link:

1 March 2014 | Workshop

Body Sonification by A. Novello & M. Baalman

The aim of the workshop is to explore various body based sensing technologies, such as acceleromenters, bend/stretch sensors and muscle sensors, for sonification in performative contexts.


25 January - 26 January 2014 | Workshop

An introduction to the Eagle software and DIY PCB etching

Manu Retamero and Pascual Rocher will host an intensive workshop where they will explain how to design electronics circuits using the Eagle software and then translating that design into a working circuit by etching a PCB.


18 January - 19 January 2014 | Workshop

Modular Synthesis by Danny de Graan

If you like to play and learn about modular synthesisers, our 2 day introduction workshop hosted by Danny de Graan is an excellent way to get started.


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