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17 August - 27 August 2015 | Workshop

Interactive Soundwalk Summerschool

STEIM, in collaboration with The sounds of the Netherlands (GvNL), De Auditieve Dienst and Echoes are organizing a two week summerschool at the end of August. The subject of this summerschool is the art of creating interactive soundwalks


25 June 2015 | Workshop

Build your own Light-Theremin

In this basic soldering workshop, Moldover will take you through the steps to build your own Light-Theremin CD case.


6 April - 8 April 2015 | Workshop

Sounding Textiles

This three day workshop, hosted by Mika Satomi and Hannah Perner-Wilson (Kobakant), together with Afroditi Psarra, explores the sound of textiles, how it emits sound and how it manipulates sounds


28 March - 29 March 2015 | Workshop

Mapping the Vortex

Mapping and visualization with SuperCollider. This two­ day intensive workshop by Marinos Koutsomichalis welcomes participants of any discipline who are already familiar with SuperCollider and who wish to expand their technical and practical knowledge in the fields of mapping and visualization.


7 March 2015 | Workshop

Biofeedback In Artistic Context

This workshop tackles the use of techniques coming from the domains of biofeedback and psychophysiology in an artistic context. The artistic context hereby includes the areas of music composition and performance, performance and multimedia art


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