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21 December 2011 | Concert



Na een soloset van de experimentele gitarist Vanoli presenteren Fennesz, Dafeldecker en Brandlmayr subtiele elektronische muziek op basis van de klanken van gitaar, bas, piano en percussie. Deze worden op het podium al improviserend bewerkt met software en effecten. Bimhuis / Piet Heinkade 3 / 20:30 – 01:00 / 18 eur (for discount tickets check Kassa & café geopend vanaf 20:30


18 December 2011 | Concert

STEIM & The Unifiedfield present

Imagining the sounds of the post-folk. The Future Sounds Of Folk takes diverse musical traditions as a starting point for the development of new amalgams of contemporary music. In 2010, STEIM supported Singaporean musician Marc Chia aka One Man Nation's research in Indonesia to work with local musicians and organized events. There he met Sudanese musicians Iman Rohman aka Jimbot and instrument builder and musician from East Java Wukir Suryadi aka Bambu Wukir. During Dec 1 - 18th, these three musicians come to the Netherlands for an artist-in-residency and a series of concerts. In different cities and venues they will collaborate with local musicians such as Machinefabriek, Pierre Bastien, Andy Moor, Yannis Kyriakides, Michael Moore and dj sniff. 


13 December 2011 | Concert

STEIM Concept Stage
Open podium for experimental sounds and performance

Autonomous art space meets science lab meets open mic night. Tuesday 13 Dec STEIM will be hosting an open evening for local artists working on the fringes of their disciplines to come perform their latest works and works in progress in front of a live audience in Amsterdam. Artists of all disciplines (music, theater, audiovisual, sound art, etc..) are invited to perform. If you'd like to play, please send an email to openstage [at] steim [dot] nl


19 November 2011 | Concert

STEIM at STRP Festival

Saturday, November 19, 2011

STEIM presents a special program at STRP featuring  hyper-active performances, lectures, screenings and student demos. The concert program features Japanese mind twisting audio visual performer Doravideo and Lebanon's pioneering electronic artist Tarek Atoui. Drum-turntable duo by Mark Sanders and dj sniff and "Collapse of PAL" by Rosa Menkman and Áron Birtalan also join the bill. STEIM Director Dick Rijken and new media artist Edwin van der Heide will give lectures on the history of live electronic arts through demos of vintage instruments and archival videos. A documentary on STEIM's founding fathers and their revolutionary project "Reconstructie" will be screened and in the cubicle stage recent STEIM-advised student projects by Luuk Schipperheyn, Bastiaan Ekeler and Jing Wang will be presented.


18 November 2011 | Concert


A new channel for unconventional artists

An evening of exclusive performances with mind twisting audio-visual performer Doravideo (Ichiraku Yoshimitsu), UK free improv drummer Mark Sanders, Amsterdam's avant-turntablist dj sniff and Berlin based sound artist and performer Alessandro Bosetti. DJ Foom and DJ Groener Gras provide the tunes throughout the night. 


17 November 2011 | Concert


Amsterdam x Seoul Experimental Music Exchange

"Typewriter snare drum," "open CD player," "acoustic turntables" and "piezo-camera-pen" are some of the imaginative instruments coming out of Seoul's underground music scene. Five Korean musicians come to the Netherlands to work at the STEIM studios to further their unique take on electro-instrumental music. Although coming from radically different backgrounds, each artist share an acute sensibility in finding hidden sounds within repurposed objects and self-build instruments. During their artist-in-residency they will build new instruments, record new material and perform in different cities ending with a concert at SMART PROJECT SPACE on Thursday, November 17th. Since 2010, STEIM and LIG Art Foundation have established an international network to exchange and support adventurous musicians and sound artists. Prior to this event during November 2 - 5th,  six STEIM artists will visit Korea to perform and teach workshops at the LIG Art Hall in Seoul.


11 November - 12 November 2011 | Concert

GLI.TC/H Festival 2011 in Amsterdam

International Noise && [DIRTY] New Media Event

Now in its second year, GLI.TC/H gathers a variety of participants + works + ideas from within glitch/dirty/experimental-new-media art communities into a multi-day & multi-format happening consisting of video screenings, real-time performances, workshops, lectures, panels, a gallery exhibition and on-going online components. Hosted by STEIM and PLANETART.


Op 11 en 12 november vindt in PLANETART en STEIM (Amsterdam) een uitgebreid programma over GLITCH Art plaats als onderdeel van het internationale New-Media Event GLI.TC/H 2011. Het programma omvat realtime performances, video screenings, workshops, lectures, offline en online panels en een tentoonstelling. Ook onderdeel van deze manifestatie is de presentatie van 'The Glitch moment(um)', een uitgave van het INC, geschreven door Rosa Menkman, visualist, theoretica en curator.


16 October 2011 | Concert

5th edition of CalArts exchange program at STEIM

Located in Valencia California, CalArts has been one of the traditional hubs for music and art experimentation on West Coast. Since 2007, STEIM and their Experimental Sound Practices program have established an exchange program where they send a group of promising students to work intensively on projects in our studios. Professor Clay Chaplin returns with a selected group of students investigating new areas in performance and instrument design. Students will each present their work developed during their 2 weeks period at STEIM and at the end perform as a group.


10 October 2011 | Concert

DNK, Sonic Acts & STEIM present:

Douglas Kahn - Listening Session

A special evening at STEIM, organised by Sonic Acts, DNK and STEIM on Monday 10 October 2011 at 20:30 hrs, following Douglas Kahn’s lecture at Stedelijk Museum on Sunday 9 October.


26 September - 28 September 2011 | Concert

Patterns + Pleasure Festival

26, 27 + 28 September

Patterns + Pleasure is three day festival featuring exclusive work and research produced at STEIM over the last 3 years. Presented by local and international guests through presentations, symposiums, workshops and concerts.


8 September 2011 | Concert

Conlon presents: Disklavier Plus

During the Gaudeamus Music Week

Disklavier Plus
Thursday  September 8, 2011
During the Gaudeamus Music Week in Utrecht in the Netherlands,
Conlon presents two concerts in Museum Speelklok with new works and the winner of the first Conlon Music Award for Disklavier Plus, Julian Scordato!


21 August 2011 | Concert

Circuit Taco Fiesta

Dinner and open podium for electronic musicians w/LoVid & Casperelectronics

This sunday evening STEIM will be hosting a casual evening of dinner and performances. Coming off the excitement of LoVid's skin-voltage instrument workshop, we'll be having an open podium for electronic musicians to plug in and perform short sets. After the open podium we'll have performances by LoVid and Peter Edwards.


18 August 2011 | Concert

STEIM at the European Series

Club Night at BATOFAR, Paris

This summer, STEIM is invited to represent Amsterdam in the European Series hosted by wonderful boat venue BATOFAR, Paris. The massive 12 hour program will feature some of our favorite artists playing experimental sets early in the evening on the terrace stage, then moving on to club stage for more danceable sets. Come join the party! [UPDATE] Performances by dj sniff, Rosa Menkman and toktek have been canceled due to problems at the venue.


15 August 2011 | Concert

FUKUSHIMA! Amsterdam

Makiko Ito (dance) & Michael Moore (reeds)
Petit Croissant: Yota Morimoto (electronics), Marie Guilleray (voice/electronics), Akane Takada (toy piano)

Jaap Blonk (voice) + dj sniff (turntable) + Raoul van der Weide (bass)

TOPO: Vincenzo Onnembo (visuals) & Yuko Uesu (harp)


21 July 2011 | Concert


with Frances-Marie Uitti and Anna Stegmann

OT 301 and STEIM present live cinema and electronic music ensemble Noisefold with Frances-Marie Uitti (cello) and Anna Stegmann (recorder)


Style: visual-music-sound-art performance

Location: OT301 / Overtoom 301 / 1054 HW Amsterdam

Date: Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starts: 21:30 hrs

Entrance: 6


24 June - 26 June 2011 | Concert


BEAM is a high-tech music weekender, an experimental playground of
homemade instruments and sonic robots. Featuring three days of
performances, installations, discussions and workshops, BEAM explores the
physical virtuosity of electronic music; everything at BEAM moves.  An
international line-up curated for veterans and beginners alike, BEAM takes
place at Brunel University, NW London (Metropolitan Line).


18 June 2011 | Concert

Featuring: Mike Gao, Lumisokea & Cactus Truck

Every year June 18th is the official STEIM summer party day. This year we bring L.A. beat creator and software designer Mike Gao who has a highly acclaimed fresh new album out, and electronic duo Lumisokea who have been working in our studios for the past several months refining their live chops and delivering an album from Eat Concrete later this year. Additionally, local up-and-coming trio Cactus Truck will blast their high energy set to top off the night.


5 June 2011 | Concert

Hotpot Lab #17
HACKED SOUNDS: Concert by Juan Matos Capote & Blipvert

HPL#17 will feature a special concert by circuit bend master Juan Matos Capote and wild electro-maestro Blipvert. Capote will be wrapping up his 2 day workshop by playing together with his students on newly bent instruments. Blipvert will be undergoing an artistic residency to refine his live setup through our on-going collaboration with Dutch music label Eat Concrete. It will be a rare occasion to see these acts up close and it's FREE!


3 June 2011 | Concert

SPSound presents:

Homage to Dick Raaijmakers

Friday 3 June, 20.30 hrs

Doors open 20.00 hrs | tickets € 9,00

SMART Project Space | Arie Biemondstraat 111 | 1054 PD Amsterdam | tel +31 (0)20 427 59 51



12 May 2011 | Concert

Art in Amsterdam Evening Concert
Concert featuring STEIM, NIMk, the Stedelijk, Virtueel Platform and more!

STEIM will be teaming up with other arts organizations and independent artists to present a tour de force night of Dutch media art performances. All part of the Art in Amsterdam expo & festival.


13 April 2011 | Concert

STEIM & OT301 Presents

EAR Duo with EMMI Robot Collective

Venue: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam


12 April 2011 | Concert

Solo concert H O M O   L U D E N S by Alex Nowitz at Radialsystem in Berlin.

1st solo concert in Berlin of:
H O M O   L U D E N S
for male voice and live-electronics using gestural controllers (Wii's and Shells)

by A l e x  N o w i t z


11 April 2011 | Concert

Conlon Music Prize for Disklavier Plus: Works in Progress

Presentations of works in progress for the Disklavier Plus, digital/mechanical grand piano by Danny de Graan, Chad Langford, Robert van Heumen, Daniel Schorno, Gert-Jan Prins and Wouter Snoei.


2 April 2011 | Concert

STEIM & DNK presents:
C.Spencer Yeh and dj sniff duo

- Performance by C.Spencer Yeh (voice, violin) and dj sniff (turntable + computer) duo
- Release party for dj sniff's new album "EP"


20 March 2011 | Concert

Open Studio by Sukebeningen project

with Chiaki Horita, Noriko Koide, Yota Morimoto, Akane Takada, Ryoko Imai, Maki Ueda and Oyuki


The seats for the first piece of the performance are at capacity. You can still attend the second part of the performance, which begins at 20:30.


19 January 2011 | Concert

Three Experimental Musicians from Korea.
Collaboration between STEIM, LIG Arts Foundation & OT301

Ryu Hankil - typewriter, motors, drums
Choi Joonyong - open cd player
Hong Chulki - acoustic turntables


Although mainstream entertainment has become one of Korea's largest exports, it's underground music scene keeps a low profile to the western world. However, a handful of dedicated artists have developed a highly personal instrumental practice that is utterly unique in the global landscape of experimental sound. Three musicians central to this scene will be in residence at STEIM to record and will perform a concert at OT301 as part of their extensive European tour supported by the LIG Arts Foundation in Korea.


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