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18 January - 19 January 2014 | 10:00 / 17:00 | Workshop | €70

Modular Synthesis by Danny de Graan

Original annoucement:

If you like to play and learn about modular synthesisers, our 2 day introduction workshop hosted by Danny de Graan is an excellent way to get started. You will be playing with a variety of modular synths like the infamous EMS VCS3, the Roland System 100m, Synton Fenix II, Elektor Formant, a Eurorack system and the mysterious Blackbox Modular designed by STEIM.

After this workshop you will know everything about oscillators (VCO), filters (VCF), amplifiers (VCA), lfo’s, envelops and much more. You will be able to patch al kinds of sounds and self generating sound-patches. Each day we explore the modulars in more detail. It will be a unique opportunity to play with some amazing sounding vintage machines!



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