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3 April - 10 April 2012 | Workshop | €250

STEIM Instrument Lab #3

Original annoucement:

The Instrument Lab is a collaborative residency and workshop program focusing on the building of new instruments and instrumental practices. Artists who apply and are accepted will undertake a week-long group residency to develop and contextualize new works and works in progress, facilitated through a program of hands-on workshops, staff-led discussions, and group mentoring sessions. Residents will have access to studio and workshop spaces, as well as have access to the Soundbunker, a workspace housing a collection of older analog sound gear. At the end of the residency STEIM will organize a performance evening for participants to show proof of concept of their work and receive public feedback.


The workshop part of the program varies depending on the backgrounds of the participants. In general, one can expect the workshop sessions to provide a crash-course in instrument design and philosophy, STEIM software, physical interfaces, and the performance considerations of live electronic music. The workshop program is heaviest during the first few days so as to give ample time for project work.


Aside from the residency itself, many past residents have found the Instrument Lab a wonderful way to make a first visit to STEIM. While here you will have the opportunity to discuss potential future collaborations and to become a part of the international network of artists and musicians that STEIM supports.



    The fee for attendance is €250 and includes the following:
  • Workshop program: Presentations, lectures, and mentoring sessions
  • Shared use of a soundproof studio space for recording, collaborative work, and experimentation
  • Shared use of a larger concert/workshop space for collaborative work, experimentation, and performance
  • Shared use of the Soundbunker workspace
  • Smaller quiet work atelier for study and research
  • Shared use of equipment, including computers, software, sound cards, controllers, PA system, soldering irons, etc.
  • Free software license for LiSa, real-time sampling software for live performance
  • Free software license for junXion lite, real-world sensor interfacing and data mapping software

Discounts are available for groups. Scholarships may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, we are able to offer a limited number of accommodations to resident artists at a heavily discounted rate. These accommodations are available at the STEIM guesthouse, right around the block from the studios and workshop spaces, and are extremely cheap by Amsterdam standards. Please let us know in advance if you'd like to reserve a spot in our guesthouse.


The Instrument Lab begins at 11:00am on Tuesday, 3 April and lasts until the program ending concert in the evening on Tuesday, 10 April. We will assume that those staying in the guesthouse will check in on monday 2 April and check out wednesday 11 April.


To apply please send an email to with your motivation accompanied by your resumé, bio and links to audio/visual materials online.

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