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17 November 2011 | 20:30 | Concert | 5


Amsterdam x Seoul Experimental Music Exchange

Hankil Ryu at Cafe OTO / London, 2010


"Typewriter snare drum," "open CD player," "acoustic turntables" and "piezo-camera-pen" are some of the imaginative instruments coming out of Seoul's underground music scene. Five Korean musicians come to the Netherlands to work at the STEIM studios to further their unique take on electro-instrumental music. Although coming from radically different backgrounds, each artist share an acute sensibility in finding hidden sounds within repurposed objects and self-build instruments. During their artist-in-residency they will build new instruments, record new material and perform in different cities ending with a concert at SMART PROJECT SPACE on Thursday, November 17th. Since 2010, STEIM and LIG Art Foundation have established an international network to exchange and support adventurous musicians and sound artists. Prior to this event during November 2 - 5th,  six STEIM artists will visit Korea to perform and teach workshops at the LIG Art Hall in Seoul. 


Thursday, November 17, 2011


Arie Biemondstraat 105, Amsterdam


(Other concerts as part of the exchange)

Thursday, November 3 & 5, 2011


Seoul, Korea


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Boomgaardsstraat 71, 3012 XA, Rotterdam


Monday, November 14, 2011

King Geoge

Sudermanstr. 2 / 50670 Köln


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Audioscoop Korean Evening

Intro in situ

Capucijnengang 12, 6211 RV Maastricht NL




video from Artist in Residency 2010




RYU Hankil (1975, Kr)

Ryu Hankil comes from Seoul, South Korea. After studying painting at Kyung-won University, he played keyboard in two indie pop bands but soon got bored by conventional music and sound creation. Hankil then released two albums as Daytripper - a solo electro pop project which placed him amongst the first generation of electronic musicians in Korean. His exploration in electronic sounds lead him to look for various new ways of creating sounds and different musical structures using found objects such as clocks, typewriters, telephones and variety of vibrations. Since 2005, Hankil organizes regular monthly events called RELAY, and he runs his own publisher Manual, which specializes on impovised music. He is a member of a Otomo Yoshihide’s FEN (Far East Network) and has played with Jason Kahn, Hong Chulki, Otomo Yoshihide, Taku Unami, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Choi Joonyong, Mattin, Dieb 13, Ivan Palacký and many others. His recent use of typewriters extends his works with not only musicians but also novelists.




KWON Byungjun (1971, Kr)

Byungjun Kwon started his musical career in early 90`s as a singer/songwriter and has released 7 albums ranging from alternative rock to minimal house. He creates music for records, sound tracks, fashion collections, contemporary dance, theatre plays and interdisciplinary events through developing his own electronic instruments and performance tools. He moved to the Netherlands in 2005 and worked as a hardware engineer at Steim in Amsterdam from 2008 until 2011. Now he lives and works in Seoul.




HONG Chulki (1976, Kr)

Hong Chulki is an improvised/noise musician from Seoul, South Korea. His selection of instruments includes turntables (without cartridge), mixing board feedback, laptop, and other electronics. One of his central projects is astronoise (the first noise act of South Korea in 1997) with Choi Joonyong. After several years of playing guitar in a few indie rock bands and spending time for military service around 2003, he began to deviate from the more conventional way of making/listening music and to explore the area of free improvisation with everyday record/playback devices such as CD players, MD recorders and turntables. Since then he has developed his interest in collective non-idiomatic improvisation with acoustic/electronic noise objects. He participated initially in Bulgasari, the first monthly free music concert series in Seoul organized by Sato Yukie and later co-founded RELAY, the free improvisation meeting directed by Ryu Hankil.




CHOI Joonyong (1977, Kr)

Choi Joonyong founded Astronoise(the first noise project in Korea) with Hong Chulki in 1997, and has been playing so-called noise/experimental/improvised music since then. He usually makes sounds with playback devices such as CD-player, MP3 player, VCR, and loud-speaker by utilizing the fallacy to expose their innate sounds from the mechanism. He is involved in collaborations with other artists and has released many albums including four solo albums made with malfunction of CD players. He is interested in control and failure of playing through improvisation and composition. In 2011, he is working on solo performances questioning the value and perception of sound which changes according to the surrounding environment. He runs a label called 'Balloon & Needle' releasing experimental music from Korea.




CHE Swann (1974, Kr)

Swann Che is a Seoul-based sound artist and researcher. His works focus on the expressiveness of digital media through exploration of aesthetic value in sound. He organizes synthesized and collected sound objects into sound composition to decorate the space-time continuum resulting in forms of music, installation, and performance. He is also interested in the history and theory of electronic & experimental music, music technology, sound archive and acoustic communication as a researcher. He was the leader of the 90's experimental electronic/post-rock band Yellow Kitchen, and engaged in the various activities in the first stage of the Korean independent music movement.

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