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27 October 2011 | 20.30 hrs. (door open 20.00 hrs) | Lecture/Demonstration | Free


Diemo Schwarz, Hans Leeuw & HKU student presentations

IRCAM researcher Diemo Schwarz finishes his 4-day advanced Max/MSP workshop with collaboration performing together with local musician and educator Hans Leeuw. Hans will reveal his new improved Electrumpet ver.2 in the performance and also explain some of the new features. Additionally, 4 student projects from this year's HKU instrument design class will be presented.

Date: Thursday, October 27, 2011
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, 1017WK Amsterdam
Charge: Free
Time: 20:30 (door open 20:00)

Diemo Schwarz & Hans Leeuw
Diemo Schwarz is a researcher--developer in real-time applications of computers to music with the aim of improving musical interaction, notably sound analysis--synthesis, and interactive corpus-based concatenative synthesis.
Hans Leeuw is trumpeter, composer and designer of digital musical instruments. He is also a teacher at the Art Media and Technology program at HKU and central member of Tetzepi.

Void Pointer (performance) by Tijs Ham, Eric Magnee and Roald an Dillewijn
The Void pointers is a project of KMT-studenten Roald van Dillewijn (also  Puin + Hoop),  Tijs Ham (Tapage) and Eric Magnee. With their selfmade instruments they improvise in a acousmatic fashion. As an extension of their self-made mutilated instruments they manipulate their sound with self made software to a result that is somewhere between the resonance of an exploding supernova and the hum of a captured firefly.

Circadian (performance) by Olivier Schreuder & Mario van Etten
A musical performance with two turntables representing two people that try to synchronize their daily rhythms.
People are not easily converted from their own rhythm. There will be some confrontations before they will find their joint rhythms.
In the installation / performance the different sounds get amplified with acoustic and electronic means. Daily sounds but also vinyl records combine in an adventurous musical trip between anarchy and harmony.

WATERDICHT / WATERPROOF (Installation) - An interactive sound installation created by Tim Beek, Jesse Maasdam and Gagi Petrovic
An interactive sound installation created by Tim Beek, Jesse Maasdam and Gagi Petrovic. By playfully interacting with 18 streams of water, visitors can communicate with electronics which influence an audible soundscape. Our motivation was to create an organic interface for music and soundscapes, consisting of water and electronics. The aesthetics of a waterfall and the "danger" of bringing together these two elemental forces only increased our interest. 

Unvorsum (installation) - An interactive sound installation by Stan Verberkt, Dave Mollen and Joris Gielen
Where objects exist in total harmony, peace can be disturbed and total  
chaos can emerge. Unvorsum, a sonification of a universe with planets, stars and comets,  existing in harmony. What will happen when someone is to disturb the light, and thus the peace?

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