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28 September 2011 | 17:00 | Workshop | Free for festival participants

Juggling Patterns
Learn to juggle with basic rhythmic patterns

Original annoucement:

Take a moment to let your body do the thinking. A fun hands on session open to complete juggling beginners to novices. Sean Gandini, who will be performing with Gandini juggling during the festival, will lead this workshop and teach you some juggling basics. We will look at using simple rhythmic structures to learn patterns with 1, 2 and finally 3 balls.

All juggling equipment will be provided.



Date: Wednesday September 28, 2011

Time: 17:00 – 17:40

Cost: Free for symposium attendees (with symposium day pass or 3-day passe partout)

Location: Frascati Foyer, Nes 63, 1012KD Amsterdam

Maximum number of participants: 15

Reservation must be made in advance using the registration link at the top of this page!



Sean Gandini grew up in Havana Cuba in an idealistic marxistatmosphere. As a child, he was fascinated by Magic and Mathematics. In the 1980′s, Sean was a regular performer  in Covent Garden, London and toured with various Circus Theatre groups. Sean has spent the last 25 years researching and contributing to all aspects of juggling. He is a prolific creator. His work also includes choreography, film making, writing and piano. With Gandini Juggling, he has performed in over 2,500 shows, from art galleries to palaces, from street corners to stadiums. He is a regular teacher in many of the worlds leading Circus Schools.

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