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31 July - 28 August 2011 | Installation | €4 - €6

Mobile Touch Exhibition at the Music Labyrinth in Antwerp

Original annoucement:

Is your age between 4 and 94? Do you have holiday plans in Belgium near Antwerp? Would you like to experience music and sound in a crazy new way? Then you will have to check out the Music Labyrinth in an old castle, kasteel Het Steen in the centre of Antwerp, Belgium between now and august 28th 2011.
The European Youth Capital Antwerp 2011 and Zonzo Compagnie will take you, your family and all your friends for an incredible interactive and musical tour through the historical spaces in the castle Het Steen. You won't believe what you are hearing!!


Location: Kasteel Het Steen, Steenplein 1, Antwerpen

Opening hours:  

Tuesday to sunday from 10am until 18pm



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Mobile Touch:

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