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18 August 2011 | 19:00 - 06:00 | Concert | Free

STEIM at the European Series

Club Night at BATOFAR, Paris

Original annoucement:

This summer, STEIM is invited to represent Amsterdam in the European Series hosted by wonderful boat venue BATOFAR, Paris. The massive 12 hour program will feature some of our favorite artists playing experimental sets early in the evening on the terrace stage, then moving on to club stage for more danceable sets. Come join the party! [UPDATE] Performances by dj sniff, Rosa Menkman and toktek have been canceled due to problems at the venue.



DJ Elephant Power
Claire Giovanni aka Stellar OM Source
Tok Tek
Rosa Menkman
DJ Orpheo
Mark from Middlesex
dj sniff

Date: Thursday, August 18
Venue: BATOFAR PARIS, Face au 11 quai François Mauriac, 75013 Paris
Time: 19:00 - 6:00
Charge: Free



Le Batofar ignited the "night club on boat" trend in Paris. This lighthouse boat (in French bateau-phare) offers an original setting on the bank of the Seine in the 13th arrondissement. It is known for its progressive musical programming which champions cutting edge electro bands live, and its renowned DJ-driven afterhours dance parties. During the day, Batofar is also a community gathering that serves as a restaurant, café and a summertime "beach" hang-out


Nicolas Baudoux is a turntablist, artist and producer from Brussels. Coming from experimental pop music and going into sophisticated dance genre. After his early music activities with his brother called: Scratch Pet Land. He decided to push all concentrations into his solo project. DJ Elephant Power was born. Quickly, he transformed his place "Studio De Sable" into a high electronic beats, melodies, sounds and scratches platform research. After 4 album releases, in 2011 he has won the prestigious Belgium price : Octaves De La Musique, in category Electro Music.


Claire Giovanni is a Producer/DJ from the West Coast, currently residing in the Benelux. Besides being internationally known for her uplifting live and DJ sets, Claire is a noteable curator and producer of events in and around Belgium. A release of new work is slated for early fall.


toktek (Tom Verbruggen) is a Musician, instrument maker, hacker and visual artist toktek, eclectic electronic style has been described as ‘ illogical hardware bending’ . The outcomes or electronic ‘ songs’ are played via hacked joysticks and various objects (plastic toys, records etc) to create dramatic live compositions, which break down into delicate and tender sound moments.


Every technology possess its own inherent accidents. ЯOSΛ MEÐ�KMΛN is a Dutch visualist who focuses on visual artifacts created by accidents in digital media. The visuals she makes are the result of glitches, compressions, feedback and other forms of noise. Although many people perceive these accidents as negative experiences, Rosa emphasizes their  positive consequences.

DJ Orpheo, Mark from Middlesex and dj sniff are DJs/Turntablists based in Amsterdam. Their styles are eclectic, ranging anywhere from experimental turntablism to minimal wave to underground disco, and they're pretty damn obsessed about vinyl.

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