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21 July 2011 | 21:30 hrs | Concert | 6 euros


with Frances-Marie Uitti and Anna Stegmann

Original annoucement:

OT 301 and STEIM present live cinema and electronic music ensemble Noisefold with Frances-Marie Uitti (cello) and Anna Stegmann (recorder)


Style: visual-music-sound-art performance

Location: OT301 / Overtoom 301 / 1054 HW Amsterdam

Date: Thursday, 21 July 2011

Starts: 21:30 hrs

Entrance: 6


Noisefold is back at OT 301 for another adventurous evening of stunning visual interactivity, cinematic noise and riveting improvisational music. NoiseFold is a live cinema and electronic music ensemble founded by artist-performers, David Stout and Cory Metcalf. The group utilizes sensor activated computer systems and complex audio-visual feedback circuitry to synthesize a mesmerizing array of bio-mimetic visual forms that generate sound. Critics have described the result as “a powerful synaesthetic experience where noise, music and image interact on a symphonic scale.”


NoiseFold will be joined by Frances Marie Uitti, an exciting bravura performer and renowned pioneer of a revolutionary cello technique utilizing a double bow to explore a new universe of multi-timbral chordal possibilities. Instrumentalist Anna Stegmann, praised as “fervid musician” who performs on “the highest musical and technical level” (Susanne Schulte, GWK Münster, 2007), is a passionate performer of both contemporary and early music.



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