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24 June 2011 | 10:00am - 5:00pm | Workshop

CrackleHack workshop @ BEAM Festival:



Come and MAKE OR HACK your own CrackleBox

Original annoucement:

Location: Brunel University, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge/UK


The Cracklebox is based on a vintage LM709 chip which is renown for its explosive unpredictability when 'boxed' in its classic form.

Find ways to interact and extend the original electronics by means of light, sound or extended tactile control.

Expert advice and guidance will be given on electronics, soldering skills and instrumental design.

Some suggestions of what you might bring along -

- container for making a 'shozyg'
- piezoelectric guitar pickup
- small / medium loudspeaker or piezo horn driver
- anything that generates light, sound or noise based on a 9V (PP3) battery

or simply your natural curriousity for a sonic soldering adventure!

Then join the MASSED ORCHESTRA - your chance to play alongside Leafcutter John, John Richards, Chikashi Miyama and many more of the BEAM artists.

For more inspiration see -

Oscar Ramos  - "Alternative PCB for Cracklebox"

Bertram Dhellemmes & DS - "Crackle Guitar project"

Aniela Marie Perry / Calarts - "Modified version of STEIM Crackle-Box"

EIG - "eponymous instruments group"

Michel Waisvisz' original page:


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