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18 June 2011 | 20:30 hrs (Door open 20:00) | Concert | €5

Featuring: Mike Gao, Lumisokea & Cactus Truck

Original annoucement:

Performances by:
Mike Gao / US
Lumisokea / BE/IT
Cactus Truck / NL


Every year June 18th is the official STEIM summer party day. This year we bring L.A. beat creator and software designer Mike Gao who has a highly acclaimed fresh new album out, and electronic duo Lumisokea who have been working in our studios for the past several months refining their live chops and delivering an album from Eat Concrete later this year. Additionally, local up-and-coming trio Cactus Truck will blast their high energy set to top off the night.

Date: Saturday, June 18
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (door open 20.00 hrs)
Charge: 5 euros



/*Artist BIOS ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


Mike Gao is a producer from the Los Angeles beat scene utilizing custom self-made iOS applications for his production. With several beat battle wins, a successful iPhone app and countless Low End Theory LA appearances under his belt, Mike is poised to represent the LA scene from a new perspective.

He started his musical journey making beats in MS-DOS programs at age 13 and was picked up by Chicago underground hip-hop label Galapagos4 right out of high school.  This lead to an one MC-one producer project that got him an XLR8R office pick for October, 2005.  After producing for many notable underground MCs, including an album for Luckyiam of Living Legends and Qwel of Typical Cats, he began focusing on instrumental production.

These instrumentals lead to winning first place at several beat battles in California, including the first ever Project Blowed beat battle and 10th Anniversary Mighty 4's beat battle. He began playing Low End Theory LA from one of their earliest nights, and it was there that he was discovered by Dublin's All City Records in 2008 for a split 10" release with Tokimonsta.

Mike has obtained a Master's degree from CCRMA, Stanford, and now studies under Miller Puckette at UCSD for his PhD. On the technology end, Mike Gao has developed an iPhone app to recognize beatboxing and e-mail MIDI files, as well as an iPad app for playing chords and teaching harmony. His work has been featured on WIRED, MTV Iggy and many more.


Belgian/Italian duo Lumisokea plays semi-composed electronic music. Through intense on-stage communication, Lumisokea manage to sound like one single meta-instrument, combining the attention to detail and structure of studio-based music with the uncompromising immediacy of improvisation.
Formed by multi-instrumentalists and composers Koenraad Ecker and Andrea Taeggi, Lumisokea is bringing forward an eight-track album filled with refined micro worlds of exciting electronica and acoustics. In their upcoming release 'Automatons' on label Eat Concrete, Lumisokea set out to build sonic landscapes that are both minimalistic yet highly rich in texture and atmosphere.
In their effort, Lumisokea (Finnish for 'snow-blind') add a range of acoustics to their laptops and electronic hardware including prepared piano, harmonium and live percussion, rendering a fresh and vivid sound. Stylistically they cover a broad spectrum, going from ambient to noise and prepared piano to heavy bass beats (as if you were listening to John Cage's 'Piano Sonatas' while a dubstep rave is going on next door), still remaining completely focussed on their signature sound.
Lumisokea have crafted a highly rewarding listening experience in their debut release, beautifully packaged by Islandic Ninna Thorarinsdottir and mastered to perfection by Sam John at Precise Mastering (who has worked with Aphex Twin, Scuba and 808 State a.o.).


Cactus Truck (John Dikeman / saxophone, Jasper Stadhouders / Guitar & Bass, Onno Govaert / Drums) creates startlingly intense music, not merely in terms of volume or velocity but through complete physical/psychological surrender. One can find hints of delta blues, early free jazz, Japanese noise, and no wave in the music. They’re based in Amsterdam and Cactus Truck’s members have collaborated with many of the great improvisers on the international scene, as well as with members of The Ex.

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