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3 June 2011 | 20:30 hrs (Door open 20:00) | Concert | €9,-

SPSound presents:

Homage to Dick Raaijmakers

Original annoucement:

Friday 3 June, 20.30 hrs

Doors open 20.00 hrs | tickets € 9,00

SMART Project Space | Arie Biemondstraat 111 | 1054 PD Amsterdam | tel +31 (0)20 427 59 51




Join us for our new SPSound series, presenting a homage to Dick Raaijmakers, pioneer of Dutch electronic music and multimedia artist. Kees Tazelaar, Johan van Kreij and Ensemble 306 will present works of Raaijmakers, with an emphasis on his electronic works. The programme opens with a short, illustrated introduction about the critical significance of Raaijmakers work.


Dick Raaijmakers (1930) pioneered Dutch electronic and tape music in the 1950s. As a groundbreaking multimedia artist, he was ahead of his time; his compositions, installations, music- and theatre performances resonate with tremendous originality. Raaijmakers has created a huge body of work, however they’re rarely performed, partly due to the irreplaceable role that he plays in his own pieces. Ensemble 306, Kees Tazelaar and Johan van Kreij will present a number of works by Raaijmakers and works by Kees Tazelaar and Salvatore Sciarino.


As a teacher, thinker and composer, Raaijmakers has hugely influenced the development of electro-instrumental and theatrical music in the Netherlands. By integrating other disciplines such as visual arts, literature, film and theatre with music, he created numerous visionary music theatre works for, amongst others, the Holland Festival and theatre company Hollandia.  As a visual artist he received recognition with installations as the Ideofonen, of which one can be seen again in the Temporary Stedelijk Museum. As a teacher at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague he played an important role in electronic music and arts education.


Dick Raaijmakers also expressed his ideas in numerous lectures, articles and books. He received several awards for his contribution to music, visual arts and theatre. The richly illustrated ‘Dick Raaijmakers Monograph’ was published by V2_publishing in 2006.



Ach ach! (1987) is a lamentation for two violins, clarinet and saxophone. De Canons (1964-1966) is a series of five compositions in which one electrical impulse according to a fixed pattern is being repeated. In this programme three Canons are alternated with Du Armer en O Schweige to form a sequence. Ballade Erlkönig (1967) is music theatre for tape and slide projector and refers to Schubert and Goethe. The evening will be closed with the work Rayons du Son (2010) of Kees Tazelaar. This electronic work is based on a text on the projection of sound in space, spoken by Edgard Varèse. The work is dedicated to Dick Raaijmakers. The program, Homage to Dick Raaijmakers will be preceded by Omaggio a Burri of Salvatore Sciarino.


Additional to the performances, video documentaries and pictures of Raaijmakers’ works will be shown. The work of Raaijmakers will be briefly introduced by Kees Tazelaar.


Ensemble 306 is formed by a fixed nucleus of experienced and focused top musicians coming from the world of contemporary composed music. In Chamber 306 of the NatLab (the former physical laboratory of Philips) composers such as Varèse, Xenakis and Raaijmakers experimented freely with electronic music.

With its name, Ensemble 306 is honouring its artistic roots.


Kees Tazelaar is the head of the Institute of Sonology in the Hague. Also as a composer he is considered an authority in the flield of electronic music. He collaborated on various music theatre works of Dick Raaijmakers. He has also taken care of the restoration and reconstruction of important electronic works from the past.


Johan van Kreij is a composer of electronic music and is regularly performing with live improvisations. As Raaijmakers' assistant he has supported the realisation of a number of his works.


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