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25 November 2010 | 20.30 hrs. | Concert | 5 euros

Turntable Music Night 8

An evening of experimental turntable music

Yann Leguay
Damian Marhulets


DJ L?K?O + DJ Elephant Power


For the 8th installment of our experimental turntable music series,  we are happy to present two new emerging artists as well as a veteran in field. Yann Leguay works with some of the most fundamental sounds of the medium, sometime carving the groove into the vinyl with a razor blade while the record is playing or other times setting the turntable on fire. Damian Marhulets' work crosses between turntablism, contemporary electro-accoustic music and 8 bit video games. His audio-visual sets are full of vinyl scratches and digital glitches created through hid custom software. Local veteran DJ x-0-x  created a wonderful CD made completely from the "un-sounds" of the record: the hisses, the hums and the clicks. He will be performing an experimental DJ set with materials from the CD. And we have a special addition of DJ L?K?O from Japan and DJ Elephantpower. L?K?O is one of the most inventive DJs in Japan, don't miss it!


Thursday, November  25, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Charge: 5 euros

Watch videos of the artist:
Yann Leguay
Damian Marhulets

DJ Elephant Power


ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Yann Leguay
Yann Leguay , born in 1981 France, lives and works in Brussels. His approach to sound design for installation, performance and film centers on the materiality of sound. Both a visual artist and sound maker, and reverse, he has participated in numerous exhibitions including «Radiodays» at de Appel Amsterdam, «Le Nouveau Festival» at Centre Pompidou in Paris and «French May» in Hong Kong.  He also composes sound tracks for short films, as Planet A of Momoko Seto (2008).  In different projects, Cutter-Off / Wireless / Never-Record / RadioFreeRobots, he regularly performs live improvisation in concert places and multimedia festivals. He is directing a DRIFT serie on the ArtKillArt label and he edited his sound work on Phonotopy .



Damian Marhulets
Damian Marhulets was born in Minsk in 1980. His musical education has been developing throughout playing oboe and piano towards composition and electro-acoustic music, that he studied in Poland and Germany. Since 2000 he lives in Germany, actively taking part in development of the new musical scene in Hannover – the city from where he graduated as a composer.
Amongst his varied activities as a composer and instrumentalist, his solo turntable project “Displaced Meanings” stands out as a new approach to digital turntablism. Using an unique setup of one turntable and DJ mixer with a laptop running Reactor and Max/MSP/Jitter, his audio visual set bridges 8 bit game aesthetics with vinyl manipulation.
Marhulets has shown his work widely throughout europe and in the U.S. He currently lives in Cologne, Germany.



x-0-x aka Arjan van Sorge released his latest album ‘kras’ (‘scratch’) in 2009. All tracks were 100% recycled from scratches, clicks and noise from vinyl, and are altogether an ode to forgotten, often worn and damaged 7” and 12” records. “ kras is the soundtrack for the careless and nonchalant transition into the digital age.”
x-0-x / Arjan van Sorge is well known for dj-ing at special occasions, clubs, museums and festivals. His music is used for performances, radio-shows and exhibitions. For years he had his own program on the legendary Radio 100; now he contributes to Concertzender with unusual and rather heard music gems. He plays drums in post-noise band GNOT, and works together with a poet and a vj on the disco-literary project Disc-o-lit. As a music journalist he’s writing for magazines like Fret and Highlife.



DJ L?K?O & DJ Elephant Power
DJ L?K?O is probably the only DJ that can mix Traditional Thai Music, Jungle, Indian Raga, Dub and Hip-Hop while scratching and improvising with noise musicians and belly dancers at the same time. He is a serious digger of rare and exotic records and have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Japanese underground. This will be his first appearance ever in the Netherlands. DJ Elephant Power is our favorite DJ who can combine some mad turntable skills with funky beats. But he also no stranger to experimentation; he often incorporates live sampling and advanced cue point editing into his DJ sets.

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