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10 November 2010 | 20.30 hrs. | Lecture/Demonstration | Free

Hotpot Lab #11

Niche Music Talk 2

Original annoucement:

Niching on:
- Witch House by Kristy Foom (Modern Witch / Drippy Bone Books)
- Koen Nutters (DNK-Amsterdam / Tape That)
- Doom Metal by Guy PInhas (Beaver / Goatsnake / Obsessed / Thorr's Hammer)
- Some Amazing Music from Conny Plank by Mark Cremins (Rush Hour / PopWave 301)
- Early Japanese Electronic Music by Takuro Mizuta Lippit (STEIM)

Niche Music Talk is about learning the deepest corners in music. There are just too many songs on iTunes and too many sub-genres to explore, so we have invited some expert listeners to help us navigate through this mess. Come along with a USB stick, there might be something to plug into. Video link of Niche Music Talk #1:


Wednesday, Nov 10, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Charge: Free

more info at



ARBITRARY BIOGRAPHIES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Kristy Foom

Kristy Foom is a visual artist, art book/zine maker and musician. She plays synth and vocals in Modern Witch and organizes Drippy Bone Books. Her listenings can go deep into synth-based music and early Chicago house, but last time I talked to her she was going through the discography of T-Pain.


Koen Nutters
Koen Nutters is a bassist, composer and curator. He organizes the DNK-Amsterdam concert series and curates at numerous locations in Amsterdam. He is a harsh critic of contemporary music but likes to get down at parties. It's hard to tell if he likes extremely loud music or extremely quiet music.


Guy Pinhas
Dave Grohl calls Guy Pinhas a gnarly bassist. He has played in several legendary bands and has recently returned to Amsterdam after living abroad for 12 years. He can usually surprise you with his in-depth knowledge of music and also in many other things about life.


Mark Cremins
Mark Cremins works for the always-cool Rush Hour Records, organizes PopWave301 and DJs at Cafe Belgique. He can tell you everything about the post-Dilla beat makers around the world and the newest sound from Chicago, but his real love is in Krautrock and Minimal Wave which is the real reason why he is cool.


Takuro Mizuta Lippit
Although Lippit considers himself a serious music connoisseur, the first CDs he ever bought were MC Hammer Please Hammer, Don't Hurt 'Em and Boyz II Men End of the Road. If it wasn't for the education he got at rental CD shop Janis and Los Apson? in Tokyo, his career would of been very different.

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