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12 October 2010 | 20.30 hrs. | Lecture/Demonstration | Free

STEIM Hotpot Lab #10
Tom Bugs, Edward Shanken and others

Presentations by
Tom Bugs and Oscillator Machine workshop

Edward Shanken
"Morphing musical instrument sounds guided by sound descriptors"  by Marcelo Caetano

and more
Tuesday, Oct 12, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (door open 20.00 hrs.)
Charge: Free




Tom Bugs

Tom Bugs inhabits the fertile border between arts and science. Driven by a strong DIY ethic, the world of bugs flourishes in diverse directions, taking in hand-built electronic audio devices, ever-mutating musical progressions and the creative decorations of photographic and etched artwork.

Coming from a background of music, Tom has been working with electronics for the last few years, beginning with circuit bending and simple guitar stomp boxes and gradually sinking deep into the circuitry for work on handmade noise systems and large scale modular synths. Tom’s work tries to mix the worlds of art and science by opening up technological ideas to new controls and areas of chance or controlled chaos. His recent work is almost entirely with analogue electronics, with his ideas often taking existing designs, twisting them a bit and then combining and presenting them in new ways. Alongside his solo music and design projects, Tom builds devices for musicians, setting installations and collaborating in technical arts and musical projects.

Edward Shanken
Edward A. Shanken writes and teaches about the entwinement of art, science, and technology with a focus on interdisciplinary practices involving new media. He is Universitair Docent in New Media, University of Amsterdam, and a member of the Media Art History faculty at the Donau University in Krems, Austria. He was formerly Executive Director of the Information Science + Information Studies program at Duke University and Professor of Art History and Media Theory at Savannah College of Art and Design. Recent and forthcoming publications include essays on art and technology in the 1960s, systems aesthetics, interactivity and agency, sound and perception, and the cultural implications of cybernetics, robotics, computer networking, and biotechnology. He edited and wrote the introduction to a collection of essays by Roy Ascott, Telematic Embrace: Visionary Theories of Art, Technology and Consciousness (University of California Press, 2003). His critically praised survey, Art and Electronic Media, was published by Phaidon Press in 2009.


Marcelo Caetano
Marcelo Caetano was born in Santos, Brazil in 1977. After spending a year in Finland as an AFSer, he went on to study Electrical Engineering at the University of Campinas (Unicamp), where he did his first undergraduate research project at the Nucleus for Interdisciplinary Sound Studies(NICS) . He obtained his BSc in 2004 from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (FEEC), where he majored in Audio Engineering. In 2006 he obtained his MSc degree in Computer Engineering applied to Music Technology after he developed a project between the NICS and the Laboratory of Bio-Inspired Computing (LBiC). He is presently a PhD students with the Analysis/Synthesis Team at Ircam.

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