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16 August - 23 August 2011 | Workshop | €200

STEIM Instrument Lab #1

Instrument Lab #1 artists

First edition of the STEIM Instrument Lab. Artists from left to right: Benjamin Bacon (US), Frank Mauceri (DE), Michael Mcloughlin (IE), David Collier (IE), Sair Sinan Kestelli (TR), Maral Yakshieva (RU), Peter Edwards (US), Elizabeth Doering (CY), Jamie Griffiths (CA)


This August STEIM unveils a new seminar and collaborative residency program dealing with the building of new instruments and the artistic practices which emerge from interactive, performance-based thinking. The program serves as a crash-course in STEIM philosophy, interaction principles, and practical considerations for the live and virtuosic performance of electronic music. Participants engage with STEIM staff and with each other through hands-on workshops, staff-led discussions, and group mentoring sessions all contributing to a new perspective on one's own artistic practice. This week-long program also serves as an ideal first visit to STEIM, an opportunity to discuss potential future collaborations, and a chance to become a part of the international network of artists and musicians that pass through STEIM and the Netherlands.

    The fee for attendance is €200, which includes the following:
  • All presentations, hands-on workshops, and mentoring sessions
  • 24/7 shared use of a soundproof studio space for recording, collaborative work, and experimentation
  • Shared use of a larger concert/workshop space for collaborative work, experimentation, and performance
  • Smaller quiet work atelier for study and research
  • Shared use of equipment, including computers, software, sound cards, controllers, PA system, soldering irons, etc.
  • Free software license for STEIM's LiSa, real-time sampling system for live performance
  • Free software license for STEIM's junXion lite, sensor interfacing and data mapping software

Discounts are available for groups. Scholarships may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Additionally, we are able to offer a limited number of accommodations to resident artists at a heavily discounted rate. These accommodations are available at the STEIM guesthouse, right around the block from the studios and workshop spaces, and are extremely cheap by Amsterdam standards. Please let us know in advance if you'd like to reserve a spot in our guesthouse.

To apply for participation in this program you can send an email to with your motivation accompanied by your resumé, bio and links to audio/visual materials online.

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