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15 March - 22 March 2011 | Orientation | free

Orientation workshop #109 featuring artist talks by Yolande Harris, Tobias Klein, and Robert van Heumen

Original annoucement:

Orientation 109 attendees


This Orientation workshop was attended by: Rodrigo Constanzo, Alfred Marseille, Anabel Lopez, Albena Baeva, and Steve Bates (left to right).


STEIM Orientation workshops are held roughly once every two months. These workshops are ment as an introduction into the STEIM way of working, and form an ideal first contact between artists and STEIM. Participants are selected to study and explore the possible technical and artistic means available at STEIM for a potential future project (for example, a compositional work or a personal electronic instrument). This will be achieved partly through lectures by the STEIM staff, partly through collaboration between the participants, and partly through (informal) contact with the STEIM staff regarding specific requirements and wishes of each participant. The orientation will take place in a classroom setting, in STEIM`s studio 3.



This workshop will be from March 15 - March 22, 2011.


Tuesday Mar 15:
        11-13h: STEIM tour and general introduction (Jonathan Reus)
        14-16h: LiSa overview and demo (Robert van Heumen)

Wednesday Mar 16:
        11-13h: junXion introduction (Frank Baldé)

Thursday Mar 17:
        11-13h: Interactive LiSa & JunXion with eponymous instruments (Daniel Schorno)        
        13h: STEIM Lunch
        14-16h: Thinking about new instruments (Taku Mizuta Lippit)

Friday Mar 18:
        11-13h: Tobias Klein artist talk
        14-16h: Interaction Design (Kristina Andersen)

Monday Mar 21:
        11-13h: Electro-instrumentalism, live sampling and split-second decisions (Robert van Heumen)        
        14-16h: Individual talks if necessary

Tuesday Mar 22:
        11-13h: Yolande Harris artist talk
        14-16h: Individual talks if necessary


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