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26 August 2010 | 20:30 hrs. | Lecture/Demonstration | Free

STEIM Hotpot Lab #8

Jamie Griffiths, Tom Mudd, David Schwarz

Original annoucement:

Presentations by

Jamie Griffiths & Isadora workshop participants

Feedback Joypad by Tom Mudd
David Schwarz


Thursday, Aug 26, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (door open 20.00 hrs.)
Charge: Free


STEIM's monthly experimental cooking show is back in session! For this edition we have multi-dimensional artist Jamie Griffiths finishing up a 4-day Isadora workshop and she will talk about some of the results of the workshop as well as her own work. Current STEIM resident Tom Mudd will present and demonstrate his feedback joypad instrument and post-Lacanian music theorist David Schwarz will talk about his new chapter in his upcoming book.



Jamie Griffiths
Jamie Griffiths is a UK born visual artist, photographer, film director, performer, experimentalist, interactive computer media artist & community gallerist.


Innovations in experimental darkroom techniques led her into film-making and then to performance collaborations with orchestra, dance & theatre, using interactive technology, motion capture/trigger techniques and handheld controllers. Her latest works include 3D video-projection with mathematician & DNA knot specialist, Rob Scharein and the creation of ‘IVY & Me‘ as a performance duet at the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver with her custom built pseudo-robot called IVY (Interactive Virtual You).

Photographic portraits in the queer, neo-fetish & transgender cultures in San Francisco, Vancouver & London morphed into experiments with photo-therapy technique, working over extended periods of time on ‘Therapeutic Interpretive Biography’ projects with friends living with hermaphrodism & AIDS/HIV. Jamie’s photographic works have exhibited internationally since 1992.


Jamie is a researcher in projection technology & adjunct professor (Film & Theatre) at the University of British Columbia and teaches workshops internationally on art and interactive technology.

Tom Mudd
Tom Mudd is a London based musician who writes software to allow him to harness electronic sounds for live performance. His research around this focuses on mapping techniques for physical controllers and generative tools to aid live improvisation. Both of these areas are regularly put to use in performing and recording with acoustic and electronic musicians.

He currently lectures in live electronics at Goldsmiths College and the City Literary Institute.


David Schwarz
David Schwarz has degrees in English, Comparative Literature, German (Foreign Language Certificate), Interactive Telecommunications and Music. He has written two single-authored books Listening Subjects: Music, Psychoanalysis, Culture and Listening Awry: Music and Alterity in German Culture. His specialties include Music Theory and Music and Cultural Studies with an emphasis on semiotics and Post-Lacanian psychoanalysis. He is active in the iARTA research cluster bringing together work in music, engineering, computer science and the arts at UNT and is editor-in-chief of MOEBIUS, a new journal publishing criticism in cultural studies and interactive media.

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