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20 August 2010 | 20:30 | Concert | €5,-

Local Stop concert with Sabine Vogel & Kathy Hinde and Anne LaBerge / Sam Pluta / Yedo Gibson / Daniel Schorno / Oscar Jan Hoogland

Friday, Aug 20, 2010

Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam

Time: 20.30 hrs. (door open: 20:00 hrs.)

Charge: 5 €



"… and the walls threw back echoes..." This performance and installation by ORNIS  is concerned with memory, resonance and the changing states of matter. Barely audible sounds become audible, and fragments of small objects from barely visible environments are projected at a large scale. Images influence sound and sounds influence image within a constantly changing installation. A live performance leaves traces that become part of the evolving installation. Project is supported by STEIM, Amsterdam.

Sabine Vogel - Composition, Flutes, Live electronics. Kathy Hinde - Live video, objects.



Flutist/improviser/composer Anne La Berge leads an exciting combination of local and international players that represent the cutting edge of electronic improvisation. Promising to be virtuosic, playful and unrelentingly eccentric, the group features STEIM's Daniel Schorno, Peter Evans Quintet member Sam Pluta along with keyboard maverick Oscar Jan Hoogland and young Brazilian iconoclast Yedo Gibson on saxophone.




Artists Bios:



Sabine Vogel takes the sounds from inside her flute, exploring the microcosmic sound world of the flute, and transports these sounds into a sound-able-hear-able world, thus bringing what is inside to the outside. She combines this world of sound with self-made field recordings, the natural macrocosm of existing sound, forming a composed mixture between the macro and the microcosmic.



Kathy Hinde works in an interdisciplinary manner, combining art forms in a live context. Her aesthetic combines the hi-tech with the lo-tech for example, using physical computing to control the movement of objects, lights and cameras. The changing states of matter (e.g. water, ice, steam) is a recurring theme in her art, alongside an ongoing concern with environmental change.



Anne Laberge Anne La Berge's career as flutist/improviser/composer stretches across international and stylistic boundaries. Her most recent performances bring together the elements on which her international reputation is based: a ferocious and far-reaching virtuosity, a penchant for improvising delicately spun microtonal textures and melodies, and her wholly unique array of powerfully percussive flute effects, all combined with electronic processing. Many of her compositions involve her own participation, though she has produced works intended solely for other performers, usually involving guided improvisation and text. For more info see:



Sam Pluta Sam Pluta is a New York City-based composer and improviser working in the fields of acoustic and electronic music. He has been commissioned and premiered by Wet Ink Ensemble, ICE, Yarn/Wire, Timetable Percussion, RIOT Trio, Yarn/Wire, Dave Eggar and Prism Saxophone Quartet, and has performed internationally as a laptop soloist and chamber musician. He is the technical director for the Wet Ink Ensemble, a group dedicated to performing works by young and underrepresented composers. As a founding member of the improvising quartet GBL and performing with groups like the Peter Evans Quintet, he has focused in recent years on fusing the worlds of acoustic and electronic instruments through improvisation. Next fall he will be performing with the Peter Evans Quintet at the Donaueschingen festival, the oldest contemporary music festival in the world. A devoted pedagogue, aside from his teaching duties as faculty fellow at Columbia University, he holds the John R Plude Faculty Chair in Computer Musicianship at the Walden School. His music is released on Quiet Design and Carrier Records, a label he runs with Jeff Snyder and David Franzson. For more info see:



Yedo Gibson

My story is quite simple, I was living in São Paulo (Brazil) a big city with 21.000.000 people and an incredible concrete jungle and it happened to be playing music too. After many years playing Brazilian music, free improvisation started to take place in my music. Waking up and sleeping with this constant noise that this huge city makes it was inevitable to not have it on my music. As any 3rd world citizen I had to improvise every day and that is what happen to my "forró" (Brazilian music from the north east that I was playing in Brazil), became more and more full of noises and freer in the form and content.
So in 2005 after recording "Abaetetuba" and "Contra Mão" I thought that it was time to leave São Paulo and meet some other improvisers around the world. Now I am based in Amsterdam but have been for two years in London where I spent most of my time making music with some amazing musicians as Marcio Mattos, Veryan Weston, John Edwards, Steve Noble, Mark Sanders and also was part of the London Improvisers Orchestra together with Lol Coxhill and Evan Parker between other great musicians from the London free improv scene, that was to me a great school.This orchestra has inspired me to start the Royal Improvisers Orchestra (RIO) in Holland and it has been playing since 2006, with 20 musicians from all over the world and from completely individual angels of music with musicians from Baroque to Punk Noise but with the same passion for the improvisation. Here in Holland, beside my fix groups RIO, Caetitu, Abaetetuba and EkE, I have also been playing with some great musicians that I have learned a lot from as Han Bennink, Michael Vatcher, Luc Ex, Marcos Baggiani, Ab Baars, Cor Fuhler and other ZAAL100 (our free improv place in Amsterdam) friends. For more info see:



Oscar Jan Hoogland, Amsterdam 1983, is an improviser, pianist, composer who is working actively in the field of both music and dance improvisation in Amsterdam. Doing so he works within fixed bands and groups as well as in first time collaboration settings. Besides improvising he has composed for several theater and dance pieces and has been writing for his own groups as well as for other ensembles and soloists.


Composer & Instrument inventor


Daniel Schorno was born in Zurich, Switzerland, studied composition, cello and conducting in London and electronic and computer music in The Hague/Netherlands, with Clarence Barlow and Joel Ryan. The laters highly individual and influential approach towards composition and live-electronics has strongly informed his own musical aesthetics. Invited by Michel Waisvisz he lead STEIM - the renown Dutch Studio for Electro Instrumental Music, and home of ‘New Instruments’ - as Artistic Director from 2001-05. He has collaborated with musicians, artists, choreographers, ensembles and organisations like Frances-Marie Uitti, Ernest Rombaut, Daniel Koppelman, Netochka Nezvanova, Laetitia Sonami, Francisco Lopez, Anne Laberge, Steina Vasulka, Frank van de Ven, José Navas, Pascal Boudreault, the Dutch ‘Nieuw‘ and Insomnio Ensembles, and organisations like the Forum Neues Musiktheater Stuttgart and the Theremin Institute in Moscow.


The Local Stop concert series is curated by Robert van Heumen.

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