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30 June 2010 | 20:30 hrs. | Concert | Free

Orpheus2010 - Live Cinema by Sean Winters

Original annoucement:

Sean Winters / USA
Jilt van Moorst / NL
Sander Bolk / NL
Jos Heutmekers / NL
Kaspars Kurdeko / LV


Wednesday, June 30, 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs. (door open: 20:00 hrs.)
Charge: Free


Sean Winters and his crew will be ending their 5 day residency with a presentation / performance of their on-going project Orpheus2010.


Here is from the artist:
Orpheus2010 is a 'happening' that includes Trumpet, Nord, Saxophones, Synthophone, Drum Set, Ableton, MaxMSP, Flowmotion, DVD players, Projector(s), 5.1 Surround Sound, Micro-Narrative Visual Poems, Audience Participation, Costumes, Props and Lights.

“From festivals and dances, through opera, theatre and shadow play, from Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork), to cinema and virtual reality, the arts have often confronted the problems and potential of engaging many human senses (modalities) at once.”  --From the article Live audiovisuals by Amy Alexander and Nick Collins



Jilt van Moorst

Jilt van Moorst is an audiovisual artist based in Amsterdam.
After producing and performing electronic music for a few years he rolled into his first visual performance in 1994 in Berlin, purely by chance.
Intrigued by the possibility to add live visuals to a musical performance, but frustrated by the lack of tools, he started to get involved in the development of some early VJ software projects, allowing him to synchronize video clips to the tempo of the music.
A few years of experimenting with various ways to make visuals respond to music led to the release of the first version of Flowmotion in 2001. A few revisions later, Flowmotion is still in use with audiovisual artists and VJs worldwide. A special version for active and passive 3D performance has been developed in cooperation with Philips.
Performed all over Holland, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Greece, Croatia and Ukraine.
Released music on various labels and an audiovisual piece on the NoTV DVD label.

Biography (written for)
'vE-"jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio/Video
Biography (interviewed)
'vE-"jA: Art + Technology of Live Audio/Video (SF, USA, 2006)
VJ - audio-visual art + VJ Culture  (UK, 2006)
Salon version 3.0 (Tokyo, Japan, 2003)
A selection of past performances:
onedotzero Digital Film Challenge (Athens, Greece, audiovisual performance) AVIT/Leeds Film Festival (Leeds, UK, audiovisual performance) AVIT UK 2003 (Brighton, UK, audiovisual performance) Showskills (Manchester, UK, audiovisual performance) Drop Beats not Bombs (Birmingham, UK, VJ set) Detonate (Nottingham, UK, VJ set) Videa Festival (Barcelona, Spain, DJ set, audovisual performance) Gentse Feesten (Gent, Belgium, VJ set) Beleuvenissen (Leuven, Belgium, VJ set) Dorkbot (Gent, Belgium, audiovisual performance) Urban Artforms (Wiesen, Austria, audiovisual performance) ContactEurope2 (Vienna, Austria, audiovisual performance, VJ set) ContactEurope3 (Berlin, Germany, audiovisual performance) AVIT>C23 (Berlin, Germany, VJ set) Frau Antje bringt Techno aus Holland (Berlin 94, Germany, VJ set ) Yeeak (Osnabrueck, Germany, live performance, DJ set) MediaMediterannea 5 (Pula/Barbariga, Croatia,audiovisual performance) Kazantip 2007 (Popovka, Ukraine, VJ sets, DJ sets)

Alexander Bolk
Alexander Bolk works under the moniker 'husc' in the world of experimental electro-acoustic sound design and music with different instruments and settings, often changing the approach to an event to keep experimenting, working inside and outside the box. For the upcoming STEIM event he is working with max/msp and 2 controllers, mapping movements to a sound world. More info can be found on his website "

Kaspars Kurdeko
Kaspars comes from Riga, Latvia. His musical experiences started at an early age with classical piano, theory and percussion lessons in music school. In 1996 he toured all over Europe with several youth chamber orchestras, his music career and experience grew. Since the age of 15 he started to play drums professionally in local funk and jazz bands. He took private lessons and participated in workshops with people such as Danny Gottlieb, Phil Maturano, Joost Lijbaart, Joey Baron, Peter Erskine, John Clayton and Fred Hersch . In 2003 Kaspars got the Socrates Erasmus scholarship, that gave him a chance to study percussions at the Conservatory in Utrecht. In 2004 he attended the jazz department at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam having lessons with Dutch jazz greats such as Lucas van Merwijk, Joost Lijbaart, Gerard Jeltes, Bart Fermie, Marcel Seriese. Kaspars graduated for his Bachelor degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and is continuing his studies for the Masters degree. He studied with John Riley and Justin Di Coccio at the  Manhattan School of music as part of exchange studies. Kaspars is actively performing in the Netherlands as well as traveling abroad with different musical formations.


Jos Heutmekers
Jos Heutmekers (Netherlands 1980) studied Music-technology and Composition in Utrecht where he got a Bachelors and a Masters diploma. He also followed a course in orchestra conducting. After his studies he composed, arranged, produced, conducted and played for various occasions from world-music to classical, from the streets to the theatre. 2005 saw the formation of his first 11 piece jazz ensemble, which was a finalist in several Dutch young talent competitions. In 2006 he won Best Composition at the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Dutch Jazz Competition. In 2009 he composed a piece for the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza. He currently studies for his Masters degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, where he explores the large jazz ensemble, the string orchestra and the combination of electronics and acoustic instrumentation.

Sean Winters
Sean Winters grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Boulder, Colorado. His first memorable musical experience was a piano lesson from Sheldon Sands; in other words, a new-agey incense-smelling extravaganza involving some triads. In 5th grade, Sean was so moved by the ultra-cheesy trumpet solo (it was actually an alto sax) on the seminal All4One pop anthem "I Swear" that he decided to learn the trumpet. Amateur orchestral renditions of the Indiana Jones and Mission Impossible themes were early performance highlights. Sean's first 'echte band experience' was with the ska/punk/emo-core group Too Many Nuts. Ellington, Basie, Miles, Bird, Trane and Mingus came next. After high school Sean briefly attended the Lamont School of Music where he was a dual piano/trumpet major. Un-satisfied with the scene, he jumped at an opportunity to spend some time in Jerusalem and NYC. Next, the spirit of Thad Jones helped motivate the Universe to bring Sean to Charles Ellison (who happened to be teaching at Concordia University in Montréal, QC). While living in Montréal televisions were sacrificed in late night goddess worshiping ceremonies, big-bands accompanied full blown art fiascoes at illicit loft parties, and bicycles were ridden across town with three pairs of socks and snowboard goggles... constantly. Gary Schwartz, Bill Evans, Monk, Guinga, Ornette, ICP Orchestra, Corkestra, Burning Spear, John Zorn, Erik Hove, Erik Truffaz and so many others continue to inspire. Sean Winters currently resides in the Netherlands where he is in the final stages of finishing a masters degree in composing (for film) at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

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