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19 May 2010 | Concert

Turntable Music Night 7

Audio excerpts:

Yamamoto Tatsuhisa / dj sniff


Vimeo videos:

Raz Mesinai aka Badawi (US)
JD Zazie (IT)
Yamamoto Tatsuhisa (JP) + dj sniff (JP)

"What do you do?"
"I'm a musician."
"Oh, what instrument do you play?"
"I play the turntable."
"Oh, so you are a DJ."

This is a typical conversation that I have whenever I meet a new person, often accompanied with a gesture of one hand on the ear and the other moving back and forth.
It's great that DJing is recognized as something more than talking on the radio and introducing songs, but it still comes with a strong stereotype; that it's an act that is essentially different from playing an instrument or composing music. But what if the DJ composed or recorded all the music and sounds that are being played, or if sounds are manipulated and layered to a degree that the original source is unrecognizable, or simply if it's just not music to dance to? The tools, the gesture and the medium are still the same but the music is drastically different from what people would associate with a DJ. So are these people musicians or DJs? The blurring of this notion is exactly what's at stake at the Turntable Music Night series. For the 7th edition, we are proud to have modern composer / dub producer Raz Mesinai and the versatile JD Zazie, as well as a new duo with Tokyo's busiest drummer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and dj sniff. Hope to see you there!


Wednesday, May 19 2010
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 20.30 hrs.
Charge: 5 euros



ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------



Composer, producer and sound alchemist Raz Mesinai makes music at the intersection of Dub and modern composition. As a solo artist and with his ensembles, he creates mythic performances evoking ancient rhythms with electronics, acoustic instruments and turntables. His recordings as Badawi have placed him on the forefront of the experimental electronic scene for over a decade, with remixes contributed by such artists as Kode 9, Shackleton, DJ Spooky and Headhunter, and Badawi remixes of Burning Spear, Arto Lindsay and Shackleton. He’s been a fixture of the downtown New York improvised music scene as well since the late nineties, collaborating with such luminaries as John Zorn, Mark Dresser, Elliott Sharp, DJ Olive and many others.
Mesinai's music has been performed at The Lincoln Center Festival, Zankel Hall, The Kitchen, the Next, Next Wave Festival (BAM), The Whitney Museum, ICA London, Saafelden Jazz Festival, Etnafest, Tonic, The Stone, The Winter Garden, and numerous underground clubs in New York and Europe, including Love, Soundlab, and the legendary Mars, Sound Factory, Limelight and Save the Robots. In recent years, his work has been commissioned and performed by The Kronos Quartet, Ethel, VIA, and cellist Maya Beiser. In 2002 his music received an honorary award in the Ars Electronica Digital Musics category.
Mesinai is also an accomplished film composer. He was a Sundance Composers’ Lab fellow in 2004, and has scored feature films, documentaries, and short films, including Sorry Haters (official selection Toronto Film Festival), Romantico (offical selection Sundance Film Festival) and The Projectionist, for which he won the Herb Alpert Award for Excellence in Music for Film. His music has also been featured in films by Ridley Scott, Jonathan Demme and Darren Aronofsky


JD Zazie (aka Valeria Merlini) is a sound artist born in Bolzano. After the bachelor's degree in urban sociology at the University of Architecture in Florence, she obtained the master’s degree in “Soundstudies” at the Academy of Arts (UdK) in Berlin.
Her sound installations and performances explore everyday life, refer to urbanism’s and urban planning’s topics and relate to sound atmosphere. She investigates the same themes from a curatorial perspective as well. (Symposium and following publication “La città suonante/Die klingende Stadt”, Bozen_2006)
She participated to several exihibitions, festivals and events. Among the most: Soundscape and Listening (St. Poelten), Wetsounds (London), Die lange Nacht der Wissenschaften (Berlin), Avantgarde Festival (Schiphorst), Das kleine Fieldrecording Festival (Berlin), Short formats Festival (Milano), Audioscoop (Maastricht), Biegungen im Ausland (Berlin).
As dj she focused on “experimental” electronic music, played solo and with several groups. Between 1989 and 2004 she produced many experimental music and electronica radio shows for the free radio scene in Italy (Radio Tandem_Bolzano, Novaradio_Firenze). She is in Staalplaat Radio’s staff since 2009.
Since 2008 she writes for Digimag. International Magazine of Art and Digital Culture. Currently she lives in Berlin.

Overlayering sonic textures and cutting them up with the "Äpfelzerstörer" method JD Zazie explores the potentiality of dj tools as turntables, mixer and cdjs in order to build up surprising sound atmospheres. JD Zazie creates an intimate communication with the audience dealing with abstraction and decontextualisation of recognizable and unexpected sounds.



Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, born on Oct 25, 1982, in Yamaguchi, Japan, is a pure acoustic drummer, not an electric drummer. He plays primarily improvised music, and participates in a variety of bands, projects, supporting singers, and has produced multiple recordings. His solo acoustic performance succeeds in combining dynamism, melodicism and polyrhythm, fusing overwhelming volume with delicate technique.
He has also collaborated with artists such as Otomo Yoshihide, Jim O'Rourke, Sachiko M, Seiichi Yamamoto (ex.boredoms), Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Keiji Haino, Akira Sakata, Daisuke Takaoka, Makoto Kawabata (AcidMotherTemple), Munehiro Narita(HIGHRISE), Mitsuru Tabata(ZENI-GEVA/AMT&TCI), Masahiko Sato, Yuji Takahashi, Gianni Gebbia, Ned Rothenberg, Daniele Camalda, Alan Silva, and many others.
His main projects are SSW; a duo with Eiko Ishibashi, NATSUMEN; a band lead by AxSxE, acoustic & synthesized drums duo with Muneomi Senju (ex.Boredoms), Plus Minus Zero; a live electronica & psychedelic prog jam trio with Yuji Katsui (ROVO) and marron a.k.a. dubmarronics, FirstMeeting; an acoustic noise improvisation quartet with Natsuki Tamura, Satoko Fujii, and Kelly Churko, Ohanami; a unit with Yoshio Machida on the steel pan, as well as recordings with the Kahimi Karie band featuring Otomo Yoshihide and Jim O'Rourke.

Recently he has been performing regularly with Jim O'Rourke. He participates in, and organizes multiple projects around Tokyo.


dj sniff is listening to Electrik Red and S.L.A.C.K.

video of Yamamoto and sniff

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