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24 September 2007 | 18.00 | Concert

wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Featuring Ross Bencina (AU), Somaya Langley (AU), Danielle Wilde (AU) Tom Tlalim (IL) Tim Groeneboom aka DJ Timski (NL) Frank Baldé (NL) + Saskia Dedenbach (DE)

wii is a small revolution.
wiiiiii is a movement about movement.
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is leaving the desktop and moving into sonic space.
wiiiii is made for gaming but hacked into a music instrument.
wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is this rare moment where a mass produced object is recycled into a tool for both experimental and mainstream practice.
wiiiiiiiiiiiiii is supported by STEIM`s junXion and pd, maxmsp, supercollider etc.
STEIM`s wii evening is not sponsored by nintento, but we hope they get it and continue making brothers and sisters of the wii.
wiiiiiiiiii(h)ero`s from all over the globe will present their wiiiiiiiing and perform at STEIM.

Date: Monday, September 24
Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam
Time: 18.00 hour <<<<<<
Entrance: Free
Reservations and more information: or 020-6228690

Project descriptions
Ross Bencina, Somaya Langley, Danielle Wilde - prototyping gesture~sound mappings with the wiimote
Ross, Somaya and Danielle will discuss outcomes of a recent residency at STEIM where they developed a variety of gesture-to-sound mappings aimed at engaging the whole body in controlling sound. Up to six Wiimotes were used simultaneously to gather gestural information from multiple positions on the body, and from multiple performers.

Tom Tlalim - Body tilt space measurement using 8-12 Wiimotes / nunchucks
This is a research project into use of the body as an instrument, while imposing limitations on space by audio feedback. I`m trying to look at the human body with relation to gravity alone, learning about poise, dynamics and location from looking at it`s tilt and acceleration. complexity, weight-center, speed, and dynamics can be then analyzed, calculated and used as indicators of a current tilt space. As a prototyping tool I`m using 8-12 3d accelerometers (Wiimotes) to measure tilt and acceleration for every joint. x/y tilt data is then graphed, analyzed, and buffered for template matching. Currently the data is used straight forward as continuous input for states of an audio system. Next stage in development will be definition of audio spaces via template matching; snapshots of different shapes of the body can be stored and compared with the current body position. as the dancer reproduces specific body positions, new sound presets get introduces.

Tim Groeneboom aka DJ Timski - Wiijing with Wiimote + Ableton Live + Max/MSP
DJ Timski will show and explain his Wiij (Wii + DJ) setup that he uses at parties to rock the crowd.

Frank Baldé + Saskia Dedenbach
STEIM`s software R&D Frank Balde and Saski Dedenbach will talk about the development process and implementation of the new Wii extension for STEIM’s junXion software.


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