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9 December 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Hotpot Lab #12 - Hyper-Instruments

Hyper-Instruments are typically instruments that keep the shape and functionality of traditional instruments but extend their sonic capacity through a combination of sensor technology and interactive sound systems. It's a field that STEIM has pioneered and now has become common place through international conferences and digital media programs in universities. We end our monthly series for 2010 with presentation of the most recent developments and artist pursuits in this area. Donna Hewitt and Julian Knowles from Australia have been working on an interactive mic / instrument to extend the vocalist's control over voice. Saxophonist Michael Straus has just returned from his residency at NOTAM in Norway where he built his Hypersaxophone. And local trumpeter, educator and instrument designer Hans Leeuw will present his Electrumpet which he has been extensively working on. (presentation by Beatrix*Jar which was originally planned has been cancelled)


20 November 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration


A live radio transmission performance between the earth and the moon

A project by Daniela de Paulis

At the Artis Planetarium, Amsterdam


10 November 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Hotpot Lab #11

Niche Music Talk 2

Niche Music Talk is about learning the deepest corners in music. There are just too many songs on iTunes and too many sub-genres to explore, so we have invited some expert listeners to help us navigate through this mess. Come along with a USB stick, there might be something to plug into. Video link of Niche Music Talk #1:


12 October 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #10
Tom Bugs, Edward Shanken and others

Presentations by
Tom Bugs and Oscillator Machine workshop

Edward Shanken
"Morphing musical instrument sounds guided by sound descriptors"  by Marcelo Caetano

and more


10 October 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration


4th edition of CalArts exchange program at STEIM

Stephanie Smith, Carmina Escobar, Stina Haraldsdottir, Dan Eaton and Clay Chaplin


Located in Valencia California, CalArts has been one of the traditional hubs for music and art experimentation on West Coast. Since 2007, STEIM and their Experimental Sound Practices program have established an exchange program where they send a group of promising students to work intensively on projects in our studios. For each edition we have experimented with Professor Clay Chaplin in different methods of working with the students, and have seen fruitful results ranging from interactive circuit sculptures to a multi-media ensemble performance. They return this year again with a new group of students with a variety of backgrounds and interests. Come check out what they come up with this time!


26 August 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #8

Jamie Griffiths, Tom Mudd, David Schwarz

STEIM's monthly experimental cooking show is back in session! For this edition we have multi-dimentional artist Jamie Griffiths finishing up a 4-day Isadora workshop and she will talk about some of the results of the workshop as well as her own work. Current STEIM resident Tom Mudd will present and demonstrate his feedback joypad instrument and post-Lacanian music theorist David Schwarz will talk about his new chapter in his upcoming book.


24 June 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #7
Bob Ostertag and SRG (STEIM Research Group)

There are very few whose work has been as diverse but as consistent as Bob Ostertag's. Whether working as a free improvisor or a social justice activist, exploring multi-media performances or conspiring with the Yes Men, teaching kayaking or Cultural Studies, there is a strong will and commitment that as musicians and artists we all aspire for. His approach to instrument building and technology has always been through performing and musical needs, and his comments towards today's computer based music are insightful. We are extremely happy to have Bob back at STEIM to talk about his new book and also be involved in a dialogue with our new research group.


Vimeo videos:

3 June 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #6
Dirty, Throbbing, Bowing and Golden

Chris Carter from the legendary Throbbing Gristle is teaming-up with the Dirty Electronics Ensemble led by noise doctor John Richards to perform a piece for a specially designed DIY electronic instrument. The instrument will feature an original copper etching artwork designed by Carter that will become part of a dirty electronics instrument. Random sequences, distortion and noise coalesce in a unique hand-held instrument the size of a postcard. Social noise for all!


Audio excerpts:

Jon Rose

Dirty Electronics Ensemble

Vimeo videos:

31 May 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Musiclab #2

Pakhuis De Zwijger organizes Musiclab: a bi-monthly talkshow about music and technology, in collaboration with STEIM, MCN, HKU and Interface Magazine. The events are ment for musicians, producers and music lovers.


13 May 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #5

Things you always wanted to know about

You know all the things that you just wanted to know but never had the chance to look it up, like what really goes on at IRCAM in Paris or how to bounce images off the moon? Well, we have some answers for you.


Vimeo videos:

5 May 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

At EMF New York: Looking back at the evolution of real-time musical systems by Frank Baldé, Joel Chadabe, Ben Neill, Takuro Mizuta Lippit

More info:


18 April 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Inside Mount Lu by Johannes Westendorp

Invitation only.

Inside Mount Lu is a sound installation in which each time eight people are invited to explore a sonorous world. They are guided into a “Node” and they get to wear frosted glasses reducing visibility. The Node is a frame on wheels, equipped with sensors, a computer and a sound system in direct contact with the other seven Nodes. On the moment a participant moves, sounds will start to arise from his Node. At first acoustic, from a "gong" hanging on every Node. But, as time goes by, the sounds enter into new relationships with each other and they transform into a diverse and interdependent sound world.


Vimeo videos:

14 April 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Hotpot Lab #4:  Niche Music Talk

Niching by Walter Fabeck, Thesis, Emile Zile, Rosa Menkman, Kassen, dj sniff and more!

For HPL#4, we have invited some expert listeners to share some of their niche interests in music. In a time when we can access more music than we can possibly listen to in a life time, it becomes even harder to dive deep into a particular style or sub-genre of music. Since STEIM is a place where very specific but diverse music tastes pass through, we thought it would be fun to facilitate the exchange of these. During the evening there will be mini presentations on musical styles that you may have heard of but don't know much about. It might be handy to bring a USB stick along, if you know what I mean.


Vimeo videos:

8 April 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

The Sense of Contact 12

Frank Baldé and Dick Rijken will give a lecture/demonstration at the Sensor of Contact conference/workshop.

The possibilities of sensors and their applications are enormous. Nowadays sensors are used in many applications in our daily lives. The Sense of Contact 12 shows several possibilities of sensor applications in our society. And the potential of sensors to solve social issues and challenges.


27 March 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #3

Presentations by Jeff Snyder / Snyderphonics Alan Macy / BIOPAC Performances by Jan Trützschler von Falkenstein Benjolin workshop after-party Saturday, March 27 2010 Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam Time: 20.30 hrs. Door open: 20:00 hrs. Charge: Free Volume 3 of our ...


Vimeo videos:

8 March 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Musiclab at Pakhuis De Zwijger

Monday, March 8, 2010 Venue: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam Time: 20:00-22:00 hrs Entrance: free Register at Starting on March 8, Pakhuis De Zwijger organizes Musiclab: a bi-monthly talkshow about music and technology, in collaboration with ...


25 February 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

Sonic Acts XIII: The Poetics of Space and STEIM Programs



    Sonic Acts XIII: Poetics of Space will take place February 25-28 in Paradiso, STEIM, Melkweg, De Balie, NIMk and the Planetarium. For this edition of Sonic Acts, STEIM has collaborated on several programs that tackle the festival theme of “space.”   The STEIM ...


17 February 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #2: Handmade Music Amsterdam
Peter Kirn (
Dan Wilcox (Robot Cowboy)
Yuri Landman
Dave Krooshof
Luc van Weelden
Ben Terwel
Pasquale Direse
and more!

Wednesday, Feb 17 2009 Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam Time: 20.30 hrs. Door open: 20:00 hrs. Charge: Free Hotpot Lab #2 will host Handmade Music Amsterdam with Peter Kirn from and an array of local instrument builders / hackers / designers and tinkerers. ...


Vimeo videos:

27 January 2010 | Lecture/Demonstration

STEIM Hotpot Lab #1

Kyle Lapidus (LoVid) Bert Bongers Cathy van Eck Wednesday, Jan 27 2009 Venue: STEIM, Utrechtsedwarsstraat 134, Amsterdam Time: 20.30 hrs. Door open: 20:00 hrs. Charge: Free STEIM Hotpot Lab is a new series of events that mixes presentations, performances and workshops. For the first ...

Vimeo videos:

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