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20 December 2010 |

The Young Shaman Perspective

an audiovisual ceremony for the coming singularity

As reality becomes augmented and the possibilities of our machines influence our desires, our global consciousness is expanding and our tastes growing more complex by the day, causing tremendous noise in the ways we express ourselves through art. The Young Shaman Perspective explores new ways of presenting visual arts and performing music, in an attempt to give new value to the melting pot of images and sounds. TYSP celebrate this complexity through a ceremony with which they aim to produce a contemplated physicality of our information society, to prompt all of the senses.

Gathered around an audiovisual installation, TYSP will explore and intertwine various musical and spiritual threads, from traditional folk to electro-acoustic instruments, from occultism to modern science. During a ceremony at STEIM they hope to find a spiritual presence between technology and the body.


13 December 2010 |

A Witch House Fairytale

live ceremonial radio broadcast curated by DIYCHURCH, Berlin

Featuring DJ sets and performances by: Kristy Foom (Modern Witch, US), The Young Shaman Perspective (NL), dj sniff (JP/US)


Join us this monday for an informal night of music and witchery curated by DIYCHURCH, an eccentric duo of Berlin radio DJs who specialize in new underground music. DIYCHURCH has been traveling through Europe broadcasting from different locales, and this week they'll be in Amsterdam, broadcasting from deep within the murky magics of STEIM's sound studios. The theme for this show is Witch House, hosted by Kristy Foom of Modern Witch, and will feature DJ sets as well as live performances by Kristy, dj sniff, and the Young Shaman Perspective, who will also be performing at STEIM on December 20th.


29 November 2010 |

Musiclab #4

Pakhuis De Zwijger organizes Musiclab: a bi-monthly talkshow about music and technology, in collaboration with STEIM, MCN, HKU and Interface Magazine. The events are ment for musicians, producers and music lovers.


25 November 2010 |

Turntable Music Night 8

 For the 8th installment of our experimental turntable music series,  we are happy to present two new emerging artists as well as a veteran in field. Yann Leguay works with some of the most fundamental sounds of the medium, sometime carving the groove into the vinyl with a razor blade while the record is playing or other times setting the turntable on fire. Damian Marhulets' work crosses between turntablism, contemporary electro-accoustic music and 8 bit video games. His audio-visual sets are full of vinyl scratches and digital glitches created through hid custom software. Local veteran DJ x-0-x  created a wonderful CD made completely from the "un-sounds" of the record: the hisses, the hums and the clicks. He will be performing an experimental DJ set with materials from the CD. And we have a special addition of DJ L?K?O from Japan and DJ Elephantpower. L?K?O is one of the most inventive DJs in Japan, don't miss it!


20 November 2010 |

Klank voor Cultuur!
Nov 20: Bring your electronic sound gadgets and parade with us through the Leidseplein

Noise for culture!
Nederland schreeuwt om cultuur (The Netherlands screams for culture) is a community movement by cultural organizations and the people who enjoy them. On November 20th people all over the Netherlands will be taking to the streets with events and demonstrations to make it known how much we value arts and culture.  

Of course we want to make sure that the noise and experimental electronic music community is heard. So this Saturday we're organizing a gathering of crackleboxes and other sound-making electro-creations to march through the Leidseplein. Bring your circuits and some fresh batteries and join us!


18 November 2010 |


curated by Jamie Allen in collaboration with STEIM & OT301

 “In a world of ever more powerful technology, it [is] downright inspiring to experience the sort of communication that [can] be accomplished with a simple on-off switch.” – Marc Weidenbaum,


MLB (Massive Light Boner) is a project which brings together a set of contemporary performance artists with an interest in the possibilities of minimal and maximal use of white light and noise aesthetics. Hosted by STEIM ( and organized by Jamie Allen (, the project is firstly an ensemble performance project featuring a collection of conceptual noise/white-light performance works together for the first time, live. Further, the project will culminate in a body of research, highlighting and documenting the approaches and motivations of an emerging and radical performance form.


Concert is Nov 18 @ OT301.
There will also be an artist presentation on Wednesday, Nov 17, the day before the concert at the OT301 Cinema Room. The presentation is between 17:00 - 19:00 hrs and is €3 to attend.


4 November 2010 |

STEIM Concert
Freida Abtan, Byungjun Kwon

New instruments don't necessarily make new music, and we've all seen cool instruments make bad music. So for musicians who decide to use unconventional or hand-made instruments, the real challenge is to develop an unique voice beyond the gadgetry, which usually takes longer than the time it took to make the instrument itself.
Gordon Ashworth's solo project Concern builds beautiful drones based on cassette tape loop system and STEIM's Byungjun Kwon has a whole new set of handmade instruments based on familar objects doing unfamiliar things. Frieda Abtan from Canada will join in with an illusionary and seductive audio visual set.


20 September 2010 |

Musiclab #3

Pakhuis De Zwijger organizes Musiclab: a bi-monthly talkshow about music and technology, in collaboration with STEIM, MCN, HKU and Interface Magazine. The events are ment for musicians, producers and music lovers.


19 September 2010 |

STEIM Concert
Astro Twin (Ami Yoshida & Utah Kawasaki), Gail Priest, dj sniff

Ami Yoshida and Utah Kawasaki are the tail end of a generation of experimental musicians that defined the minimalistic "onkyo" movement out of Tokyo since the mid 90's. Through numerous collaborations they both established an unique instrumentalism early on in their careers; Yoshida's faint but electric "howling" voice and Kawasaki's ever-evolving analog synth structures. Today they continue to be influential in Tokyo's subculture scene not only through their musical activities but also through writings and installation based work. This will be a rare European appearance of the duo in their third collaboration with dj sniff. Also performing on the bill is Sydney based sound artist and writer Gail Priest. Her sound work delicately weaves together processed voices with electronic textures creating sometimes eerie sometimes soothing soundscapes.


10 September 2010 |

The Night of the Unexpected

During the Night of the Unexpected one thing is guaranteed: you will be pleasantly surprised! The Night is a one night festival, highlighting the diversity and dynamics of contemporary music practice. That is to say: a night full of musical surprises leading you right through different styles and genres, from modest chamber music, via Indonesian Gamelan sounds to booming noise.


7 September 2010 |

Conlon Music Prize for Disklavier Plus: Kickoff concert and presentation

The Conlon Foundation is announcing the first Conlon Music Prize for Disklavier Plus for a new work for Yamaha Disklavier. The prize of the competition will consist of a performance in the prestigious 2011 Gaudeamus Music Week in the Netherlands.

The kickoff of the Competition will take place at STEIM as a part  part of the Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2010. During this event a new work by Hugo Morales Murguía for Disklavier, pianist and electronics will be performed by Sarah Nicolls and the composer. There will be presentations by Christina Oorebeek on the history of the player piano and her own work for the Disklavier, by Frank Baldé (software programmer STEIM) on using alternative controllers with STEIM's junXion software in combination with the Disklavier, and by Luc Houtkamp on pitch recognition and its use with the Disklavier. Afterwards there will be drinks and opportunities to talk about the competition in an informal fashion.


2 September 2010 |

STEIM Hotpot Lab #9
Intersections and Just Noticeable Difference

Multi-channel concert "Intersections" by Robert Henke (aka Monolake)
Presentation of "Just Noticeable Difference" by Marije Baalman

Reservation only, limited 70 seats!




20 August 2010 |

Local Stop concert with Sabine Vogel & Kathy Hinde and Anne LaBerge / Sam Pluta / Yedo Gibson / Daniel Schorno / Oscar Jan Hoogland

"… and the walls threw back echoes..." This performance and installation by ORNIS  is concerned with memory, resonance, and the changing states of matter.  Barely audible sounds become audible, and fragments of small objects from barely visible environments are projected at a large scale.   Images influence sound and sounds influence image within a constantly changing installation. A live performance leaves traces that become part of the evolving installation.  Project is supported by STEIM, Amsterdam.


5 August 2010 |

STEIM Residency Concert:
The Desert Fathers, PIRX, Lesley Flanigan

We return from our summer break with concerts by two residency projects and one touring artist. Electro acoustic trumpeter Jeff Kaiser returns for a 2 week residency with Max/MSP guru Gregory Taylor. Also returning is our favorite group and organizers from Cologne; PIRX locking themselves up in our studios to work on new album material like last time. We are also very happy to have New York based artist Lesley Flanigan who is currently a resident artist at Worm Rotterdam and will show her work Amplifications for voice and handmade instrument.  Hope to see you there!


Vimeo videos:

19 July 2010 |

OpenStudio: BOTCH STUDIES - a project presentation of a new sound-theatre work for two performers and electronics

A work in progress by Joe Diebes & Christina Campanella


Over the course of two weeks Joe Diebes & Christina Campanella will be developing material and technologies for a new sound-theatre work called BOTCH. The work explores the behavioral difference between people and machines by asking: what’s in a mistake? A performer interacts with audio and video recordings according to the rules of a composed score.  She engages in vocal, movement, and drawing tasks that demand more speed than they can handle, inevitably leading to information loss, flubs, and missed notes.  The relation between machine exactitude and human error evolves (or devolves) over the course of the piece.  BOTCH will be presented at HERE Arts Center in New York City in 2012.


14 July 2010 |

Noisefold: David Stout and Cory Metcalf

OT 301 and STEIM present Noisefold (David Stout and Cory Metcalf); a live cinema and electronic music ensemble from New Mexico, USA.

Noisefold is a live cinema and electronic music ensemble founded by artist-performers, David Stout and Cory Metcalf. The group utilizes sensor activated computer systems and complex audio-visual feedback circuitry to synthesize a mesmerizing array of bio-mimetic visual forms that generate sound.


30 June 2010 |

Orpheus2010 - Live Cinema by Sean Winters

Sean Winters and his crew will be ending their 5 day residency with a presentation / performance of their on-going project Orpheus2010.

Orpheus2010 is a 'happening' that includes Trumpet, Nord, Saxophones, Synthophone, Drum Set, Ableton, MaxMSP, Flowmotion, DVD players, Projector(s), 5.1 Surround Sound, Micro-Narrative Visual Poems, Audience Participation, Costumes, Props and Lights.


18 June 2010 |

STEIM Summer Party 2010

Since last year, June 18th is the official STEIM summer party day. It's a day to celebrate the (hopefully near) summer days with concerts by some of the most innovative and creative musicians in live music making. This year we will have the wonderfully playful and danceable turntablist - DJ Elephant Power, one of the music hacking originators Mark Trayle, the amazing "tuba traveller" Daysuke Takaoka and the next generation crackle performer Ben Terwel.
Expect beat scratching, credit card music making, circular breathing, circuit touching music!


Audio excerpts:

Dj Elephant Power

Daysuke Takaoka

Vimeo videos:

16 June 2010 |

Retina by Kasia Glowicka & Emmanuel Flores +

Jos Zwaanenburg's English Program

Retina is a performance that includes piano in a setting that immerse it with live video and electronics and putting the classical idiom into modern context. It is an artistic study in the kinetic relationships between sound, image, motion and space. It takes its inspiration from the early cinematic practices of Étienne-Jules Marey, whose work in studying and photographing movement revolutionized the way we visualize time and motion, and puts them in the contemporary perspective.


Flautist Jos Zwaanenburg presents pieces for flutes and live electronics by composers of The Sonic Arts Research Unit of Oxford Brookes University UK. As an International Visiting Research Fellow at that institution, he invited the composers to write pieces, taking his ideas about a standardised application of contact mics for traditional instruments. Next to the three pieces of the "Research Unit", Zwaanenburg will perform a piece by Dutch composer Jorrit Tamminga who dug into the same subject.


Audio excerpts:

Retina by Kasia Glowicka and Emmanuel Flores

Jos Zwaanenburg

Vimeo videos:

26 May 2010 |

Local Stop concert with:

Kenneth Atchley & John Bischoff,

Shackle (Anne LaBerge & Robert van Heumen),

Bill Hsu,

Aki Onda & Gareth Davis

Bischoff will perform two recent pieces that project sound into a framed space where details are highlighted and recycled as a context for further contemplation. K. Atchley presents laptop interpretations of digitally generated sound waves and legacy field recordings that reflect and maintain the current of absorbed thought and empirical romanticist leanings. Hsu's Flay/Flock is an audio-reactive audiovisual improvisation for 1-3 musicians, who interact with a particle system that evolves amongst a variety of structures, including point clouds and linear forms. Shackle's aim is to explicity and subtly exploit shackling in both concept and material.


Audio excerpts:

Kenneth Atchley: 233.08

John Bischoff: Audio Combine

Aki Onda / Gareth Davis

Shackle (La Berge and Van Heumen): LIMIT / EYE

Bill Hsu: Flay Flock

Vimeo videos:

19 May 2010 |

Turntable Music Night 7

It's great that DJing is recognized as something more than talking on the radio and introducing songs, but it still comes with a strong stereotype; that it's an act that is essentially different from playing an instrument or composing music. But what if the DJ composed or recorded all the music and sounds that are being played, or if sounds are manipulated and layered to a degree that the original source is unrecognizable, or simply if it's just not music to dance to? The tools, the gesture and the medium are still the same but the music is drastically different from what people would associate with a DJ. So are these people musicians or DJs? The blurring of this notion is exactly what's at stake at the Turntable Music Night series. For the 7th edition, we are proud to have modern composer / dub producer Raz Mesinai and the versatile JD Zazie, as well as a new duo with Tokyo's busiest drummer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto and dj sniff.


Audio excerpts:

Yamamoto Tatsuhisa / dj sniff


Vimeo videos:

17 May - 18 May 2010 |

Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

STEIM's very own Joel Ryan is part of this great group, and many members of Evan Parker's Electro-acoustic ensemble were once STEIM residents themselves. Especially for our dedicated audience we can offer a discount to be part of one of these what promises to be very energetic nights. Bring a printout of the flyer to be eligible for a discount.

Monday May 17 Location Bimhuis (20:30h): Breakups
Tuesday May 18 Location Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (20:15h): The moment's energy


8 May 2010 |

STEIM CONCERT in New York City

In collaboration with Japan Society New York, STEIM will be showcasing some of the best projects that have passed through in recent years. We have chosen 4 acts that represent STEIM's on going support for collaboration and innovation in live electronic music. Through our residency program, these artists have examined and explored the ideas of improvisation, composition and the "instrument" in contemporary electronic music.  Additionally we will be exhibiting our Mobile Touch Exhibition and hosting a number of workshops and lectures. We hope this will be a chance to connect with our US community, hope to see you there!


Vimeo videos:

7 May 2010 |

Collaborative live streaming concert between Conservatory of Amsterdam and Kingston University with Walter Fabeck and Nina Silvert

STEIM is collaborating with Kingston University, Conservatory of Amsterdam and composer/musician Walter Fabeck on a live streamed concert. Composer Walter Fabeck and performance artist Nina Silvert perform recently devised collaborative work at The Amsterdam Conservatorium’s Blue Room.  The event, connected via live internet link-up with Kingston University in London, will provide interpolated episodes within Kingston’s multi-media opera A Hero’s Journey.


This concert can be viewed online:


Date: Friday May 7 at 20:30h

Location: Conservatory of Amsterdam, Blue Note Hall

Entrance: free


5 May 2010 |

STEIM concert curated by John Dikeman: MISSING DOG HEAD & KRK

MISSING DOG HEAD: Their music is made out of noisy bitcrushed skylines, subversive feedbacks, distorted sax tornados and indefinable metallic sounds. The general chaos and disorder resulting from the collapsing above-mentioned languages creates the aesthetics of the music itself...
::: Could be punctuated by moments of peace ::: music is non-contractual ::: improvisations may vary in length and style :::


KRK: Drawing on their more than 40 years of combined experience working in a variety of genres with such artists as Evan Parker, John Zorn, and Nicolas Collins, KRK is a collaborative project which aims to synthesize and interpret the neo-postmodern musical landscape. Ghosts of reductionism, noise music, free jazz, and the classical tradition all may or may not appear in any given performance. To date, KRK has performed in Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal and the US.


Audio excerpts:

Missing Dog Head


15 April 2010 |

ABATTOIR, Büyükberber/Klein, Davis/VanHeumen: STEIM residents performing at OT301

Three studio projects supported by STEIM will be performing at OT301. DJ Phey will spin some music around the performances.

ABATTOIR is Audrey Chen (cello & voice) and Robert van Heumen (laptop & controllers), Büyükberber/Klein is Oguz Büyükberber on clarinet / bass clarinet / live electronics and Tobias Klein on bass clarinet / contrabass clarinet / live electronics and Davis/VanHeumen is Gareth Davis (clarinet and bass clarinet) and Robert van Heumen (laptop & controllers).


Audio excerpts:

ABATTOIR (Audrey Chen / Robert van Heumen)

Gareth Davis / Robert van Heumen

Oguz Büyükberber / Tobias Klein

13 April - 14 April 2010 |

Ensemble MAE - Dissolve

With new works by Jasna Velickovic, Teodora Stepancic, Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec, Hugo Morales, Ezequiel Menalled and Matt Wright.

STEIM has been collaborating with Ensemble MAE on this program, especially in the development of Jasna Velickovic's composition. For this composition STEIM has built a custom interface that interactively triggers various objects throughout the performance space.


21 February 2010 |

Music for Angels and Djin: Joel Ryan & Peter Evans

Sunday, Feb 21 2010 Venue: OT301, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam Time: 16:00 hrs Entrance: €6 Bronze trumpets for ritual and military uses were made in Egypt from the second millennium BC. Trumpets dated around 1000 BC buried in the bogs of Scandinavia are called Lur and are most always found ...

YouTube videos:

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