Tom Johnson [US] & Gandini Juggling [UK]



A world premiere of Tom Johnson’s new composition for the Gandini Juggling company. Based on minimal tones and mathematical algorithms executed through virtuosic juggling techniques, the piece evolves through complex musical structures. The juggling balls, each with its own built-in audio synth, were custom designed at STEIM …

Takuma Watanabe + Momo Yoshida + Tatsuhisa Yamamoto [JP]

tatsuhisa drum magagine

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Note: Hair Stylistics cancelled.
Unfortunately Hair Stylistics from Japan won’t be able to perform at the Patterns + Pleasure festival on Wednesday. But the good news is that Takuma Watanabe will be supported by skronky noise-rock Tomo Yoshida from the band TADZIO.

Takuma Watanabe is an unpredictable, provocative and highly talented musician …

Fuyuki Yamakawa [JP]

Fuyuki Yamakawa

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“All-body musician” Fuyuki Yamakawa is an award winning Tuvan singer and creator of improvised sound/visual happenings. Tuvan singing, lighting synced to his wired-up body, and occasional arrhythmia caused by vocal techniques fill and absorb the space creating a truly immersive audiovisual experience.

Yamakawa’s work transcends categories of music, ritual, theater …

Jessica Rylan [US]

Jessica Rylan

Jessica Rylan has performed around the world with her handmade synthesizers and intimate songs. Her version of personal noise presents an alternative to the habit of noise as relentless and loud. Her synth sounds are organic and creature-like, her singing unnerving and distant.

Although our musical tools become more …

Alex Nowitz [DE]


Composer and voice virtuoso Alex Nowitz can capture and manipulate his voice on-the-fly with his highly personalized instrument built at STEIM. By combining his grumbling moans, bird chirps, and soprano singing with pre-recorded instrument samples in realtime, Nowitz literally “composes the now.” His performances are nothing but a …

Moldover [US]


Hailed as “Godfather of Controllerism” Moldover is a phenomenal musician that combines DIY instrument building and DJ techniques into a solid live performance. Singing, playing guitar, and chopping up beats on his controller, Moldover’s presence reaches beyond one-man-band to rock star.

Controllerism aspires for the virtuosic …

Edison [US]



Composing from a rich palette, Edison creates lush, organic instrumental hip-hop. Live, his tracks are tapped out fluently piece by piece on a handmade lunchbox controller. Recently winning the Westcoast Controllerism Battle, Edison bridges the gap between tight studio production and an engaging live performance.

The innovation in Hip-Hop …

Author & Punisher [US]


In the hands of Tristan Shone, Author & Punisher is a complete industrial doom and drone metal band. Heavy drones and pounding rhythms are driven by his custom machines, fabricated to demand significant force to perform with.

Digital technology has allowed us to exert tremendous sonic energy simply through …

Nina Boas [NL]

Nina Boas

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Nina Boas invites her audience into a world where giants serve tea, drawings come to life and everyone and everything is part of a music video. Using familiar objects like a pen, paper, and scissors, her narratives delicately unfolds with little surprises and abrupt events happening on the way.

From …

TOKTEK [nl] vs SIMON BERZ [ch]


Live-sampling-beat-pilot toktek (Tom Verbruggen) battles it out with instrument builder & drummer Simon Berz in an energetic session. Over the years, toktek has mastered the art of sampling anything that makes sound and playing them through his flight simulation controllers. Berz’s handmade drum synth system allows for him to play …

Ground [BE/NL] (Jeroen Uyttendaele & Dewi de Vree)

jeroen uyttendaele 1grafiet

Using graphite as both a score and conductor of electricity, Ground creates a highly visual and tangible form of electronic music. Instead of turning knobs, their handmade synthesizer is played by drawing, touching and moving objects.

“We want to open up the process of electronic music to the audience” is what …

dj sniff [NL]


dj sniff (Takuro Mizuta Lippit) ”plays the playback” through scratching, cutting and stuttering various records that reflect his influences from free improvisation to hip-hop. Utilizing custom built samplers, he can capture and playback sounds at lighting speed or layer them to build heavy drones. In any case, nothing is …



The concert played by STEIM Fanfare mixed the unique electronically enhanced sounds of the (what used to be) traditional marching band instruments with storytelling. Anne Parlevliet’s composition managed to explore the eclectic electro-marching band sounds of the youTuba, the MeRimba and the Drumus, in a melodic yet typical fanfare-like style …