Energy Music

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

We’re not talking about the kind of Sundance sustainability issues in a showbiz fashion says Jamie. What we are talking about are issues of the performer and the body. The context of the enviornment and the ecology of communities. Jamie is keen to point out that his discusion is about how to relate these issues strictly to music and art practice. Jamie points out there are three ways of looking at technology, the antagonistic approach, the folk sensibility and a third way concerned with the idea that we use energy constantly in the process of living and that the real issue is in how we route it and choose to use it. This idea purports that we are part of an ecology concerned with the use and transmission/reception of energy. As an ex-physicist this is an idea I feel worth relating to. Jamie talked about Michel’s sense of energy and exertion on stage, he was motivated to start the discussion by seeing how Michel was physically tired after performances. He had put energy into creating the music that had depleted him in the process.

Jamie’s first assertion is that energy and information signals are really the same thing and that as artists we are already concerned with the routing of this energy and signal information. Jamie talk about the importance of self-reliance, this motivated his his desire to raise the energy discussion. Jamie is also interested with the idea of exclusionary technological domains and cites artistic examples of an ethically grown leather installation and a site specific piece concerned with lighting up bulbs beneath power lines using only the energy gathered from the high intensty e.m. fields that were (freely) available there.


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