Session 3: On Mapping - Techniques

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

This afternoon’s session was on mapping. Robert introduced the topic, explaining it is a very large and diverse field. This was reflected by the large amount of speakers and the range of subjects they covered. Because of this, and the enthusiasm of the speakers, the session ran far beyond the allotted time range. (more…)

Atau Tanaka

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Atau Tanaka / The new Biomuse

The timing for this demo is very good, the new version of the instrument was finished yesterday. This means that there is a distinct “before” and “after” in the history of the instrument.

Bckground: The Biomuse picks up neural signals in the arms in the 4 muscle groups: inner arm and outer arm, on the left and the right arm.

Atau started by demo’ing the “before” Biomuse. Showing us the quality of the signal and the processing he does in MAX. It is a very lively signal, it requires some smoothing. The instrument is very gestural but it does not nessesarilly require motion. It is running on a laptop, but it should not be a laptop performance.

The “after” Biomuse: The instrument has been extended with non-bio-sensors and gloves. There are push button switches on the palm of the hands and tilt switches on the arms.

Atau has stayed with these sensors because it feels good. It is an instrument that he has lived with for a long time, in a way it is a new instrument now and he will now have to learn to play it from scratch.

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