Micro Jamboree 2006

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

This year’s Jamboree is the second one. You can read all about the first installment on the 2006 Micro Jamboree Blog.

Jamboree Opening Event - Monday

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Anticipation leading up to the gathering

A real sense of anticipation for this Jamboree. I had had a very apprehensive feeling walking from the Metro to STEIM on my last visit back in November, my first time back since Michel’s passing. It was enormously reassuring to see the place well, and just keepin’ on going. Then the news that financial support had been reinstated was a joy of relief. The Jamboree affirms this continued livelihood and liveliness of the place, and the community.

I rushed up on an early train Monday to be able to work w/ Jorgen to finish my instrument, and as I worked away in the workshop, the afternoon leading up to the first session was a wonderful reunion. David Z walked in, first visit to STEIM, went out for lunch w/ Frank and Taku. Then there was Dan Overholt in the software room, tinkering around w/ his new touch-joystick instrument. As if he had never gone away. Then I turhed around and Sukandar had walked in -


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