Video: One Man Nation setup and demo

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

One Man Nation - STEIM Micro Jamboree Presentation/Performance from M.

Marc Chia - Rhythm and Sequencing for Live Performances

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Hi All!

Hope you all are enjoying the Jamboree so far!  Later today, I will be giving a presentation on Rhythm and Sequencing for Live Performances.

I’m going to talk about blurring the lines between the use of live and concrete sounds in the context of a live performance followed by electronic rhythm creation and sequencing using Ableton live and Pure Data.

First Part: -
Having been playing with a Monome and a midi controller over the past year, I am trying to push the envelop further in regards to live performance.  Recently I have augmented my new live sets with inclusion of live table banging/foot stomping going hand in hand with concrete sounds.

Second Part: -
Being a happy Ableton user, the only thing missing is modulation in this program.  Bridging Ableton with Pure Data (PD) using Midiox, I’m able to use the pandora’s box of modulations sources which PD is to shift and shake the rhythms in Ableton!

Check it,
Marc Chia

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