Video: Sukandar Kartadinata on Gluion projects

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Sukandar Kartadinata from STEIM Amsterdam on Vimeo.

Session 2: Modern Sensor Interfaces

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Ahhh… A rainy day in Amsterdam - perfect excuse sitting inside a cozy STEIM concert room with music tech peeps! Me myself, I woke up a bit late for free breakfast at the hotel - typical - but it gave me a good excuse to walk around a bit in the morning, finding a decent coffee shop. The flower shops on the canal bridges are selling pine-scented things a plenty, and the rain seemed to amplify the wonderful smell… Anyhow…

Woot woot!! STEIM jamboree in session!


Andy Schmeder : micro-OSC

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

At CNMAT, Music and Research a mutually reinforce each other. Part of the overall concept behind micro-OSC is to try to minimize user error when building new interfaces. Eliminating the need for the end user to write microcontroller firmware is therefore a goal of the project. Nearly the full feature set of USB-enabled PIC microcontrollers (ADC, PWM, GPIO, etc) are made available to the user through higher-level host-computer based software.  The home page for micro-OSC, including a download link is found here, and there is some documentation here.

Support for several microcontroller boards is provided with micro-OSC:

USB Bit Whacker - up to 10 ADC inputs, 12-bit resolution
CREATE USB Interface (CUI) - up to 13 ADC inputs, 12-bit resolution
Olimex USB board - up to 13 ADC inputs, 10-bit resolution

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