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Concert Review: Turntable Music Night 5

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

This night brings back the immortal technique, references to the ghettos that spawned it obliterated.  Experimentalism in its place, we were prepped for a night of decks and scratch, microphones exchanged for styluses.

Stigingeoy w/ PussyKrew
Armed with 3 turntables and an assortment of guitar effect pedals, Stigingeoy with PussyKrew on visuals commence the night with their brand of entertainment consisting of dark drones coupled with a deep bass driven sojourn accompanied by aspect ratio warped visuals of a random shushi bar distorted by Stigingeoy’s noise beyond recognition.  The bleek soundscapes accentuated by digitally decomposing visuals, this duo bring us through the aurora of digital clipping mixed in with synthetic soundscapes accentuated by choir samples leading audiences to the climax of bit crushed static drones over big wave frequency sweeps going hand in hand with PussyKrew’s extreme close-ups of a brewing tsunami.


One Man Nation

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

With “organisational centre-pin” Taku gone to set up the turntable concert and and Jorgen electing to not present his sequencers himself (a choice I fully support, even if I wished I had known about it sooner; in the end it worked out fine) it seemed up to Marc (One Man Nation) and me to organise the sequencing session ourselves. It was starting to look like the daring session on popular music was getting a bit more daring still….


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