Frank Baldé - junXion v4 kickoff

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Taku, STEIM’s artistic director and curator for most of the Jamboree events, welcomes the audience and guests, mentions the rough year STEIM has gone through, and the fact that STEIM will continue. He presents Dick Rijken as the new director, who talks a bit about Michel’s passing and his new role.

Then it’s Frank’s turn. He starts with an introduction on the hardware development at STEIM, from the Sensorlab to the junXionboard. Dan Overholt helped developing this sensorinterface. The idea arised that the software to support the HID USB interface should be more powerful than the small little utility we had then. Also, the Sensorlab code was very much a programming language, while most musicians don’t want to become a programmer, and Frank ended up writing all the setups, making the musician dependent on STEIM for their setup updates. So junXion should be userfriendly, no scripting language. But powerful.


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