Taku’s digital turntablism

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

What is Turntable Music ?

Taku gives an insteresting definitions of turntable music, narrowly he defines it as a practice that focuses on the use of a turntable and mixer as an instrument. More broadly Taku defines turntable music as anything that focuses on the instrumental use of media playback through a circular rotating interface. After an interesting look at the history of physical media recording and playback. Starting with the Phonoautograph in 1857 Taku takes us through the details and capabilities of turntable technology right up to the ubiquitous Technics direct drive turntables that arrived in 1970. The ubiquity of the mighty Technics deck is due to the high torque generated by its direct drive platter, this allowed DJs greater capability.Having dispensed with some of the technological aspects of turntablism Taku focuses on social history of recorded music playback and how from the early ‘Home phonograph concerts’ of the 1920s DJ culture emerged over 70 years.


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