STEIM Micro Jamboree 2008

PERIOD: Monday Dec 8 - Thursday Dec 11

Main Entry: jam·bo·ree
Pronunciation: \ˌjam-bə-ˈrē\
Function: verb
Etymology: origin unknown

1: a noisy or unrestrained carouse 2 a: a large festive gathering b: a national or international camping assembly of Boy & Girl Scouts 3: a long mixed program of entertainment

STEIM is hosting its 2nd Micro Jamboree this December 8-11, 2008. Featuring 4 days of creativity and excellence in today’s electronic music through a wealth of presentations, discussions, and performances. An intense 7 sessions of lectures, demos, and discussions held by the most innovative artists, musicians, and instrument designers in the field will be hosted in STEIM’s studios. An intellectual jam on creative musical software, modern sensor interfaces, alternative energy sources for electronic music, rhythm and sequencing for live performances, and more!

At night STEIM moves to the Smart Project Space on December 10th and 11th for the Jamboree concerts for 2 large and festive gatherings of noisy and unrestrained carouse. The 5th edition of Turntable Music Night will feature 4 acts of adventurous turntablism. The 2nd concert night will be a plethora of circuits, voice, samplers, a cowboy suit, and even a Wii controller for individual performances. Concurrently, experience the STEIM Mobile Touch exhibition in the concert venue where you can make your own electronic music with the Finger Web or make some noise with the Crackle Box.

Sessions at STEIM have limited capacity, reservations required.
Concerts at Smart Project Space have unlimited capacity, 5 euros entrance fee.


David Zicarelli (US), Sukandar Kartadinata (DE), Andy Schmeder (US), Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen (SE), Kassen (NL), One Man Nation (NL), Jamie Allen (CA), Brian Degger (UK), Ben Knapp (UK), Dieb13 (AT), Stigingeoy and PussyKrew (IE), Institut fuer Feinmotorik (DE), Alex Nowitz (DE),  Robot Cowboy (AT), Heidi Mortenson (DK) and more!

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