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Concert Review: Turntable Music Night 5

This night brings back the immortal technique, references to the ghettos that spawned it obliterated.  Experimentalism in its place, we were prepped for a night of decks and scratch, microphones exchanged for styluses.

Stigingeoy w/ PussyKrew
Armed with 3 turntables and an assortment of guitar effect pedals, Stigingeoy with PussyKrew on visuals commence the night with their brand of entertainment consisting of dark drones coupled with a deep bass driven sojourn accompanied by aspect ratio warped visuals of a random shushi bar distorted by Stigingeoy’s noise beyond recognition.  The bleek soundscapes accentuated by digitally decomposing visuals, this duo bring us through the aurora of digital clipping mixed in with synthetic soundscapes accentuated by choir samples leading audiences to the climax of bit crushed static drones over big wave frequency sweeps going hand in hand with PussyKrew’s extreme close-ups of a brewing tsunami.

Dieb 13
Using a computer running a custom software without any screen and 3 turntables, Dieb13 carries on where Stigingeoy/PussyKrew left off introducing vinyl crackles slowly morphing into unstable beats bringing us on a journey, a very strange journey through the abyss of sonic dementia.  Seamless mix of dense, room filling ambiance before breaking into a digital decay of dry electronics, taking the BPM down to micro modular granulizations.  Found sound disarray brings in the sinusoidal driven basslines, just when I started thinking electro minus the clash, the unexpected sprouts of trashy hits come relentlessly pounding in.  Dieb13’s set seems almost a tongue in cheek piss take on value reducing consumer culture explicitly displaying the contrast with schizophrenic cutting of a pop track juxtaposed with harsh industrial squeals.  Strange breaks were the call of the day, strangest one being a sample of a busy street junction, screeching wheels on honking cars peaking accident induced screams from a curb standing passerby.

eRikm & DJ Sniff
Scratch technique in place of guitar solos both Sniff and eRikm converse, speak bubbles contain their common language - Scratch.  Kaoss pad mayhem ensues tightly moving plastik, eRikm takes a solo shifting wrist interchange with finger controller Kaoss pad filter sweeps and buffer repeats epitomizing the body in a trance in its own dance.  Sniff exuding his usual calm, rapid fire finger flicking on crossfader triggering record on off in his self made Max patch as he duals with himself turntable vs computer, analog vs digital.  Middle to end, direction change, our ears tantalized by the 2 connoisseurs of skin on plastic letting the beats go down, ambient pads come up.  Marking the broken, tripped out evolving beats with feedback screeches delayed to silence, tastefully hinting the hip to hop, scratch technique the dish of the day.  The climax on the horizon, jazz flute solos are exchanged touching always on something accessible before throwing it all out the experimental window.  Summed up - two masterclass turntablist, locked down, synced in, zoned.  Sniff lightning quick on the finger flicks created the backdrop for eRikm’s feet shifting to the rhythms of vinyls hitting the floor, literally.

Institut fuer Feinmotorik
A constant rhythm born from the amalgamation of collected sonic articles extracted from vinyls tweaked and bent.  Institut fuer Feinmotorik push on with an improvisation of sorts involving the trimming, positioning and strategically pasted paper on vinyls and cds.  Process of creation elaborated further by what sounded like concrete sounds picked up by cleverly placed contact mics only later revealed that none were used at this crime scene.  Techno minus minimal hand in hand with looped out concrete in equal dosage, that is Institut fuer Feinmotorik, a threesome of spinning disk scientist presenting a masterclass on abstract freqency placement and layering to close off the night.
All in all a wonderful night in music, not purely technique.

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