dj sniff on Turntablism

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Definition of turntable music:

  1. instrumental use of turntable and mixer
  2. rotating device to playback prerecorded sounds

History of the turntable:

  • Phonoautograph 1857 ment for recording- mimiking the human ear
  • Edison 1877 phonograph still on wax cilinder - recording & playback
  • Berliner Gramophone 1892 no wax, just playback
  • Califone Portable Record Player 1950 build-in amp
  • Technics Direct Drive Turntables 1970


Alex Nowitz

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Alex Nowitz

Alex works with junXion, LiSa and two wii controllers. He got into this wanting to make something that made musical sense to him. But first he had to go the ordinary way of assigning functions to buttons. He explained how each button on the wii is mapped and configured.

After some trouble with the demo-gods, he showed his setup. He is using the setup to record his voice, extending it and working with it. He also works with prerecorded sound files. From the little snippets of performance he showed us I saw reminders to MIchel’s performances too. I am hoping to see more on Thursday.

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