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Snippets, quotes and links from the Energy Music panel - Ben Knapp:

Can we take you off the grid? Harvesting energy from motion: we spend a lot of energy moving around. On the micro level we can harvest from blood flow, body temperature and biochemistry.

The word ubiquitous is becoming ubiquitous. It is a very active field now with lots of work being done.

The bio electric signals of the body: The nervous system as a self powered communication source. Wanting to get closer to the source, the metabolism. These energy sources are not big enough provide energy for music but we can amplify the signal and use it as input to music.

Examples of early work:
1965 Alvin Lucier “music for solo performer” [EEG, brainwaves]
1978 Dick Raaijmaker, a man get of his bike very very slowly, the EMG, EKG GSR and nasal microphone records the exertion and energy it takes to do this.

How can we measure emotional energy while playing music?
Systems for measuring CNS activity and the somatic nervous system [movement], autonomic nervous system [breathing, temperature etc], autonomic nervous system [EDA, electrodermal activity]

The ECG signal is the largest electrical signal in the body, it is almost big enough to power something.

How do we use this in musical performance?
The desire to move from pieces that use the body’s energy for power to a point where we are using the signals from the body to create the content of the music itself. Wanting to remove the physical layer and get to the point where we can make music with our thought and emotions.

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