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Robin Price

Robin Price http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8vz0Pt7UUc

Robin demo’ed and talked about his installation: music for a prepared radio set.

It is an old fashioned radio which has been modified to analyze, modify and playing back small segments of radio. On the wall behind it is a live visualization of the sound using Processing.

The radio segments the audio in real time and analyzes it using Tristan Jehan’s program. If a segment is significant different from the sounds already in the database, then the new file is added. The interface is a traditional Bush radio and the visualization is a long wire frame cylinder that represents the samples with loudness, brightness and noisiness dictating position and angle.

Additionally by twiddling the knobs you add “heat” into the system and the “hotter the system is the more glitchy. When you leave it alone, it “cools off”.

Robin liked the original design of the radio, it is easy to fit resistors behind the dials and the final radio looks completely ordinary - only it is a radio possessed by the devil….

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