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WiiJ Timsky

WiiJ Timsky http://www.wiijtimski.com

Timsky is a WiiJ and a former intern with Frank at STEIM. He wanted a physical interface that would allow him physical freedom on stage as well as reliability and accessibility.

He uses the wii remote which has two sensors: the IR sensor which is not useful for this and the 3d axis accelerometer.

He then demo’ed his setup and admitted that he had made his own version of junXion.

He would have liked to be able to adjust the bpm by smashing, but he is using a circular turn-up-the-volume motion instead.
He can move freely but he needs visual feedback on the screen to know what he is doing
The margin of error is small but it is still there.

Timsky then did a short demo of the wii guitar setup and he almost had the room dancing by the end… or at least bobbing their heads.

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