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July 10th, 2007


Ok, I started helping with STEIM’s concert programming in January, and now it’s July… It already goes without saying that I am a horrible person to keep a blog, but I hope it will serve to inform, report and archive STEIM concerts and events.

Feb.01.07 Pamela Z, Tarek Atoui, Keir Neuringer

July 10th, 2007




Announcemnt text from the STEIM emailing list:
One of the themes that I would like to explore as STEIM’s Artistic Co-Director is “Musicianship in Live Electronic Music.” Although this is something that STEIM has dealt with for many years, there still seems to be a general lack of discourse that encompasses the sonic aesthetics that both acoustic and electronic musicians are starting to share in a post-digital era. Live computer music has helped us realize that it is the sonic relationship which the musician attains with his/her instrument, sound material or audience that is more important to the performative representation of music than any kind of visual substitution or subtraction. I believe this relationship is something that all musicians intuitively develop and is revealed most clearly in solo performances. I am happy to present the first STEIM concert of 2007 with three extraordinary performers who each work in very different fields of music.

Mar.09.07 Turntable Music Night vol.1 - Martin Tetreault, Maria Chavez, dj sniff

July 10th, 2007

It was a real pleasure having Martin and Maria come to perform for the first Turntable Music Night at STEIM. It was sort of an amazing experience at dinner before the show to sit down with 2 other experimental turntablists and talk about turntable stuff. All three performers had distinct styles and unique approaches to the instrument and medium. The trio session we did at the end came out quite nice and I hope there will be more meetings like this in the future.




Text from mailing list:

It has always been my dream to organize a concert series featuring only turntable musicians. Naturally, such an event at STEIM would be in the context of experimental/electro-acoustic/improvised music with more crackles and hisses than scratches and cuts. However, I hope not to only invite artist from this particular genre because if one can characterize STEIM as a center for artist driven technology, then Grandmaster Flash (one of my personal heros) who opened his DJ mixer and added a headphone pre-amp to realize a revolutionary technique in Hip-Hop music and the Jamaican Dub selectors who built their own studios and sound systems with little resources are equally in the context of STEIM. I believe that turntable music embodies an important lineage and inspiration for artists who seek an expressional voice with technology.


Apr.12.07 STEIM@DEAF07, dj sniff, Atau Tanaka, Mazen Kerbaj & Joel Ryan, Christine Sehnaoui & Michel Waisvisz

July 10th, 2007

STEIM was featured at this years DEAF07 Festival. The venue was an old church, and it was an extraordinary experience to listen to electronic music there. Photos and video streams can be seen at DEAF07 blog.

Announcement text from mailing list;

STEIM presents a night packed with a broad selection of essential live steps into hybrid electroacoustica. It`s all about meaning-machine interactions, emerging economies of breath and radio waves, composing the now; the merging of studio and live, of composing and improvisation; enchanted neurons; electric body energy versus the wall plugs, the state of musical impact, embedded instruments, the decisive moment of push, riffs, licks, grooves and other celebrations of sound and sounds. STEIM hosts the pioneering work of Atau Tanaka, Mazen Kerbaj and Takuro Mizuta Lippit (djsniff) – STEIM’s new artistic directors for the year 2007 – together with composer, musician, instrument designer and long time STEIM director Michel Waisvisz.

* DJ Sniff (JP/NL)
* Atau Tanaka (USA)
* Mazen Kerbaj (LB) & Joel Ryan (USA/NL)
* Christine Sehnaoui (LB/F) & Michel Waisvisz (NL)

Apr.29.07 PINGIPUNG label night - Sven Kacirek, A.J. Holmes aka Vanishing Breed, Andreas Otto & Nils Dittbrenner

July 10th, 2007




Introductory text from mailing text;

The label Pingipung from Lüneburg / Germany releases friendly, melodic Electronica since 2001. They come to STEIM with two of their artists to perform while the label-founders Andreas Otto and Nils Dittbrenner will present their most beloved records from the turntables before and after the shows.

May.05.07 Sainkho Namtchylak & Joel Ryan, Daisuke Ishida

July 10th, 2007


text from emailing list;

It is with my great pleasure to present Sainkho Namtchylak, one of the most extraordinary vocalists of our time. It will be interesting to see which palette of sounds and processes Joel Ryan will bring this time to match/enhance/subvert Sainkho’s nearly electronic voice. This performance will be a sneak preview of Sainkho and Joel’s upcoming collaboration that they will be rehearsing in STEIM’s studios during the previous week. Daisuke Ishida will be opening the evening with his solo laptop performance. Daisuke is an emerging talent now based in Berlin, who was amongst the first dedicated musicians to use SuperCollider in Japan. His aggressive but detailed sound should be a nice contrast to the latter duo, representing the diversity of today’s computer music.


Apr.27.07 STEIM@Jauna Musika Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania

July 10th, 2007

STEIM was featured in this years Jauna Musika Festival in Vilnius, Lithuania. Robert van Heumen, Atau Tanaka, Tom Tlalim, Keir Neuringer, dj sniff were invited to do a showcase of live electronic music.



May.06-08.07 Mobile Music Workshop

July 10th, 2007


Keynote by Michel Waisvisz, workshops and a concert held at STEIM. Collaboration between STEIM and Waag Society.
For an in depth coverage check out we make money not art
Mobile Music Workshop website

May.19.07 Michel Waisvisz, Audile (dj sniff & Yutaka Makino) @ ZAM Festival, Cologne, Germany

July 10th, 2007

Michel Waisvisz and Audile were invited to the ZAM Computer.Music.Instrument Festival in Cologne to give a presentation and concert. Michel performed during the day in the park along with Paul Hubweber and John Edwards. Later he gave a midnight lecture. Audile presented during the day about their approach to computer music and performance, and later performed in the evening program. It was a very well organized and pleasant experience, and I would like to thank Marion, Marciej and Thomas again for their hospitality. ZAM Computer Music Instrument




May.22.07 Lecture by Kees Tazelaar

July 10th, 2007

Text from the mailing list;

“The title for my lecture is: G.M. Koenig’s ‘Terminus’ as a point of departure.
Koenig composed Terminus in 1962. It was his last composition to be produced in the studio of the Cologne radio. The title refers to the fact that Koenig saw no further possibilities for sound composition within the given technical situation. For me however, discovering the compositional strategies chosen for Terminus created a new perspective on the formal aspects of electronic music composition. Terminus has been one of the most influential pieces of music for everything I composed since 1996.
In my lecture I will discuss some pieces made between 1996 and 2006 with many music examples. I would like to end the lecture with one complete work: Lasciar Vibrare v.5 of 34 minutes.”