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Atau’s notes with Taku’s additions

Bringing our “scenes” to STEIM, (Michel: in the way that Nic Collins brought the NYC scene, that Netochka brought the Nato scene.)

Taku – turntable music and research, researchers and developers in the arts,
japanese musicians
Taeji Sawai - laptop musician using sensors, video
Kanta Horio - microscopic sound performer, educator, video
Daito Manabe - digital DJ/VJ, developer, video
Daisuke Ishida - musician living in Berlin, mp3
Kitundu - turntable instrument builder
Jamie Allen - musician, developer, educator website
Jeff Feddersen - musician, sustainable energy researcher, video
Tomomi Adachi - musician, ir-shirt, voice performer
Akihiro Kubota - laptop musician, educator, theorist
Kjetil Hansen - Scratch/Turntablism researcher, musicologist

Mazen – the Beirut scene, instrumentalists, improvisers, sound people
(*to be completed)

Atau – mobile music, research
Drew Hemmett (Futuresonic, locative media)
Zack Settel (SAT Montreal, McGill) – 3D audioscape
Ben Knapp (Biocontrol, SARC) – biosignal interfaces
Stock (V2) – singleboard computers, Gumstix
Lalya Gaye (Viktoria Institute) – mobile music, archiving
Edwin van der Heide
Thomas Dimuzio

Running STEIM
Michel, Robert, Taku
Daniel Schorno ( *need to meet him)
Roland Speckle (outside concerts – *need to meet him)

Will know in January the financial landscape
Need to make a fundraising strategy

New Media money is going to the Creative Industries. Where does STEIM sit w/ respect to this?
Creative Industries = applied research
STEIM = practice based research

Visionary work is about meaning and not just content

Political background – Arts policy in NL is being reorganized, consolidation of funds. International review committees, putting big places (Musictheatre, Concertgebouw) together in same pool as small lab/ateliers (STEIM). Should STEIM stay w/ Ministry and apply for funds or go w/o?

Looking at potential inside STEIM
Atau – look into the workshop (in part by Michel’s request)
Jorgen – find ways to situate his work, make him feel less isolated ( *need to meet him)
René – could the fascination w/ Tesla be used in our new concerns about Energy?
Frank – MacMini as singleboard computer

Joel – the problem of doing research – his wish to continue visualization workshop presented at ZKM http://on1.zkm.de/zkm/e/workshops_2002/mapping_your_creative_territory

Common projects
Archives – archival and documentation work from over 30 years of archives. How to approach this? How to organize? How to disseminate?
Have applied for grant to make a STEIM book w/ timeline.
Andreas Otto, Lueneburg Univ, PhD thesis on STEIM.
Jamie Hodge wants to do interviews.
Need an intern.
Shall we invite a researcher such as Lalya Gaye [Atau]?

CD releases – there must be some material from all the recordings of concerts to publish a series of STEIM CD’s.

Jamboree – Jamboree was a success, and proof that STEIM can quickly, autonomously organize important events that connect people in the field. Hardware day thanks to Taku – sort of his first intervention as co-director? When to do the next one? Fall 2007?

Space – New space next to foyer

DEAF2007 – April 10-29. What could STEIM do?

Themes – Mazen (* to be completed)
Workshop – with electronic musicians meeting improvisers. Sonic improvisation, focus & concentration, limitations, …

Themes – Taku
Turntables Music - re-examining the practice of turntable music from a STEIM point of view (experimental musical interface, technology and musicianship, improvisation). Organizing concerts, inviting turntablists to develop tools, and working toward a new theorization toward the practice.

Sensor Interface and Instruments - Continuing the tradition of developing sensors instruments for musicians and artists. Release of JunxionCore, introducing a hardware workshop within the regular orientation workshops.

Energy Research and Collaboration - Working with Atau to develop new ideas and applications for alternative energy sourced instruments. Organizing a meeting with other artists and developers in the field to exchange ideas and initiate new projects.

Educational Collaboration - Building new relationships with universities and organization in the US and Japan for student/artist exchange. Integration with orientation workshop and internship.

Musicianship in Electronic Music - Examining what is the discipline of live electronic/computer music. Wether it means to develop a new sensor interface or to understand your software and sound material well. Working with Mazen look at how acoustic musicians develop a sonic aesthetic through an intimate relationship with their instrument and their ear. This theme crosses with the turntable music, sensor interface/instrument and energy research.

STEIM archives - Work toward an online archive of past and current activities. blogs, wikis, videos, archive radio. Integration with STEIM website with the help of Robert and Kristina.

Themes – Atau
Mobile – help in organizing the Mobile Music Workshop w/ Robert, Kristina, and de Waag, May 6,7,8. Atau is on steering committee. Making this also one of his activities for the co-directorship helps him bridge the international team and local team. http://www.viktoria.se/fal/events/mobilemusic/

Energy – understanding Michel’s interest in this topic, and tying it to increasing concern in the area of arts and interaction design of the environment and sustainability. Example: http://itp.nyu.edu/sustainability/
Ideas: Could we build a simple performer-bound electric generator so that performer gestures and movements could generate enough electricity to power his instrument [Michel]? Try to conceive of audio circuitry that could run on variable voltage, or at least stepped voltage (1.5v, 3v, 5v, 12v) [Atau]. How to involve Rene and Jorgen?

Biosignal Interfaces – bring Ben Knapp to present different EMG, EEG, ECG, GSR interfaces for music. Add the STEIM touch to Atau’s BioMuse? Discuss potential interest in this area and look at related work (Peter Desain – http://www.nici.ru.nl/braingain/)

Post-Laptop – looking at mobile devices, single board computers, non-computers, ubicomp distributed systems as ways to imagine a post-laptop music scene. Work w/ Frank on MacMini as singleboard computer. Bring in Stock w/ Gumstix – what support does he need that he has difficulty on his own or at V2? Discussion on things like Arduino now that we have seen it and the guy.

* To Do
Look at scheduling for the year
Plan studio time w/ Robert for projects

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